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7 New Features to Future Proof Your Processes: 2021.1 LTSB Update

2021.1 LTSB Update

FireStart iBPMS has a new update! Here are the new features and bug fixes you need to know about to ensure your processes run smoother and better than ever before.

The processes that run in the background of your business and direct your company’s every move can catapult you to success, or create unnecessary hurdles along the way. The launch and release of our new LTSB update can help your organization on the road to success with its focus on platform stability and additional features that boost your process efficiency.

What is LTSB?

LTSB stands for “Long Term Service Branch” and it’s the foundation behind FireStart iBPMS. This new update provides users with many quality and stability improvements, designed with the future in mind. Users can be assured that all processes running within FireStart iBPMS are secure for years to come, with features that improve user accessibility and process function.

Who Can Access The Update?

Any existing and new FireStart users are able to download and use the new 2021.1 LTSB update. We designed this update to ensure that anyone using the on-premises software will be able to manage and navigate their processes seamlessly, no matter the date.

7 Key Update Features and Bug Fixes

Processes will run smoother than ever before, with stability updates to improve longevity. Here are the main features and bug fixes that will help ignite your organization’s potential to perform as one.

Quality and Stability Improvements

Platform stability and longevity were the main focus for the 2021.1 LTSB update. We wanted all our customers to experience fewer bugs both existing and new, plus a smoother running user experience. Platform navigation and experience are now improved when building and executing your processes within the iBPMS client.

Calculations Within Tables

Perform calculations instantly within tables instead of opening up an external calculator. Keep all the information within the FireStart iBPMS client making it easier to manage forms and maintain clear governance.

Calculations in Tables FireStart

Element Levels

Process modeling is a dynamic process, which means functionality is important. Now, all the canvas elements can be sent to different levels, just like in MS Word or PowerPoint, for maximum design flexibility. This accessible, universal appeal will make it much easier to design complex processes in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

Dynamic Users

With the new update, you have the option to select multiple users to send tasks to. This makes workflows more dynamic, reducing the time spent on task management.

Dynamic Users LTSB

Customize MS Word Language Output

Language barriers are often present in companies that span the globe. Break down language barriers within organizations by exporting MS Word documents in any desired language. Employees can read documents in their native language, helping with process efficiency, without errors or external translator services needed.

Improved Start Forms

Start Forms now have the same capabilities as forms within the workflow. Forms are now more flexible with no limit to one data item anymore, making them easier to configure, and allowing forms to fit your needs. You can also look up forms within the cascading navigation menu, allowing for more visibility. Design forms to fit perfectly into your processes with no restrictions.

Over 60 Bug Fixes

Across the iBPMS, we put our heads together to fix over 70 defects and bugs, making our bug fixes 3 times larger than usual. The main fixes focus on better user experience and smoother functioning within the iBPMS.

Some additional fixes include:

Access the LTSB Update

When signing up to FireStart iBPMS, the 2021.1 version will automatically be activated as soon as you sign up.

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