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FireStart is a collaborative all-in-one ecosystem that unites humans, automations, IT systems and processes all in one platform.
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What is FireStart?

FireStart is an iBPMS and Cloud platform that empowers people and technology to perform as one™.

Our collaborative process automation ecosystem connects the dots between people, applications and software robots– so that every individual can make a difference.

We take pride in continuously empowering some of the world’s most prominent organizations in their digital transformation journey to reduce costs, improve cycle times and boost customer experience.

Our cost-effective, easy to use solution in combination with our low-code approach improves your organization’s agility, transparency and resilience. 

We empower people and technology to perform as one so that you can make a difference

Technology that’s simple

Managing and automating processes should be simple. We want to give you easy-to-use technology that addresses your problems head-on. After all, processes can be complex, but managing processes should be straightforward and easy. 

Software that’s trusted

Our many customers and partners will attest to the difference FireStart has made to their process ecosystem. We are inspired by those that trust us to continue to create software that changes the way people think about processes. 

A platform that brings you joy

Processes should work for you, not constrict you. FireStart helps businesses to find more joy in their work, and the joy that comes from great return on investment. 

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