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Mission Statement

Our world is becoming ever more complex – and so are the daily business processes of most companies.
Social Media, Multi-Channel marketing, Lean-, Compliance- and Customer Relationship Management are only some areas a company has to manage in order to be successful.

For this reason, we have invented FireStart: a Business Process Management Suite which makes your daily work routine more efficient and more structured. The unique combination of process and workflow management has proven itself in numerous companies and helps them to improve their daily business activities. FireStart focuses on user-friendliness, practicability and innovation, every day anew.

Our Company Goals

Firestart Boost Efficiency

Boost Efficiency

We boost efficiency with process automation and therefore reduce cycle times.

Firestart Reduce Complexity

Reduce Complexity

We simplify user interaction with IT systems, harmonize IT interfaces and establish a consistent process lifecycle management.

Ensure Quality

We improve process planning and automation, reduce manual overhead in information handling and help to ensure high quality standards for the whole organization.

Firestart Minimize Risks

Minimize Risks

We enable integrated risk management, improve your operational internal controlling system and create standards for continuous process improvements.


We bring momentum into your company

Robert Hutter

Founder and CEO

Robert studied Software Engineering for Business and Finance at the Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences. After working as a research assistant, Robert founded his first company in the field of financial software engineering and asset management.

He has a well founded technical background as well as overall management skills for leading FireStart into the future.

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