We Are FireStart

We are a collaborative all-in-one ecosystem that unites human, automation, systems and processes all under one easy to use view.

Why we do it

Processes need an orchestrator to play the right instrument at the right time

Find everything you need for the perfect process with FireStart. We have developed an easy-to-use platform that empowers you and your team the opportunity to design processes the way your team wants.

Not dictated by old stiff systems, nor the limitation of external departments.

How we do it

Empowering people to orchestrate their processes

We enable people to act as a unit despite the complexity of everyday working life. Think about your processes – manage them – automate them – learn from them. We love to be part of the solution that gives people back the ability to do what they love and what they are proud of.


What we deliver

Perform As One
With us, you can finally connect the dots, helping you scale your company’s transformation journey cheaper and faster than ever before. Since our founding in 2008 in Austria, we have been optimizing end-to-end organizational processes by creating structure and efficiency for business and IT users alike.

Why is FireStart The Best Choice

We play your key

What makes FireStart the preferred choice for so many companies? Competence and speed aside, it’s our belief that solutions should revolve around your unique needs and never what is convenient for us. We play in your key, to your tune, on your rhythm.

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