Meet FireStart's CPO, Benedict Stacke

At FireStart, we're committed to growth in our business goals and with our people. Benedict Stacke, a trained psychologist with several years of experience in talent acquisition, has been an integral part of the successful growth at FireStart. With his help as Chief People Officer (CPO) we have driven company growth and ensured that teams work harmoniously together.

Competition amongst companies for the best talent is fierce. Acquiring, recruiting, and retaining top talent can be a major obstacle to scalable, lasting success. In the context of growth and success, hiring the most capable people in each role is especially important. Hiring right not only ensures success in each department but also ensures a positive and driven work environment. Thankfully, at FireStart, our Chief People Officer, Benedict Stacke, joined our ranks to help us find and retain the best talent.

Benedict's mission is to find the right FireStarters and help them to grow in their roles. As a company that values self-development and teamwork, we want to ensure that each person at FireStart feels supported and excited to grow and thrive in their daily work. 

With Benedict's expert guidance, we have been able to make this happen. Our team, both remote and in-house, are united; dedicated to powering a world where every workplace has a clear single source of truth, so they can simplify their daily work. It's no easy feat, which is why Benedict's guidance and skills are so needed to ensure that FireStart continues to grow and scale while retaining our unique company culture.

"Leading HR at FireStart means fostering a culture that values continuous improvement, service to one another, and a true sense of belonging." - Benedict Stacke, CPO FireStart

Creating a strong company culture

A native German from Berlin, Benedict ventured south to Austria to further his career. He had just finished his education as a psychologist and was ready to use this knowledge to help businesses improve their recruitment process. His role changed and evolved over the years to focus intensely on talent acquisition, organizational development, and HR process management.

Over the years at FireStart, Benedict has focused on recruiting talent with a strong vision and enthusiasm for the company. He is always on the lookout for people that are eager and excited and willing to learn. Contributing to our shared vision, talent has to be willing to get their hands dirty and work together to create something great.

This backbone of engaged talent is part of what makes the company culture at FireStart so unique. Benedict defined the company values to clarify our "why" but also, to help guide our actions. Our main values of joy, simplicity, and trust inform everything that we do. In all departments, we're focused on empowering our customers through service.

"I chose FireStart because of the people. They amaze me every day with their eagerness to improve and passion for making process and workflow automation accessible for everyone across the globe." - Benedict Stacke, CPO FireStart

Diversity at FireStart

Part of our hiring process at FireStart involves hiring diverse talent. Since Benedict joined, we have hired talent from over 10+ nationalities, all working together at our hub in Vienna. Creating a successful multinational company involves creating a culture of mutual understanding and compassion.

Having a diverse team has allowed us as a company to better understand our flourishing new customer base, no matter where they are in the world. 

Pop Quiz

Q. What brings you the most joy?

A. Learning and coaching. For me, learning more about technology and digital HR helps me to do a better job as an HR professional. I really love to learn new things and always grow my mind and skills. Coaching, on the other hand, helps me to give something back and help others become the best versions of themselves.

Q. How do you simplify your day to focus on what matters most?

A. By using FireStart! For self-organization, I use the rule of three. I have three key goals for the week, three goals for the day, and three goals for the month.

Q. How do you find balance in your life?

A. On my weekends, I focus on spending quality time with my wife and two sons. I prefer novels over Netflix, improving my skills on the piano, and playing football with some mates.

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