Everest Group Lists FireStart as Key Process Orchestration Platform

Everest Group, a global research firm, released research into the Process Orchestration market. FireStart is listed as a key player in this new, emerging market. The rise of business Process Orchestration tools means companies now have the best chance of succeeding with a swift, effective digital transformation.

Process orchestration is a not-so-new term that has become important in the business sphere. Simply put, process orchestration is when a process is developed, monitored, executed and managed in one platform. The result is unified processes end-to-end that can help a business grow and scale while improving productivity and reducing overall costs.

In the latest State of the Market Report for 2022, Everest assessed the process orchestration market of software providers and compared the benefits of each provider. The assessment included the providers that have been adopted by enterprises, the capabilities and solutions of the platforms, and the general technology provider landscape.

Everest was particularly focused on business orchestration because it can help companies solve issues they face as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Companies around the world are looking for ways to digitally transform, and process orchestration can be the fast lane to success.

Everest reports process orchestration as key 2022 trend

In the report, process orchestration is mentioned as an emerging key factor in a company’s digital transformation. To remain competitive, companies need to digitally transform to create sophisticated operations that deliver more value to customers and improve their bottom line.

Everest identified that process orchestration can help businesses lower their costs, raise efficiency, provide better customer experience, and increase compliance, just to name a few. The reason is that process orchestration tools allow businesses to standardize all their processes, providing companies with a single source of truth across departments. Process orchestration also helps manage handoffs between humans and digital workforces, making hybrid and remote working seamless.

What companies are looking for post-pandemic

Looking forward into 2022, Everest made several predictions based on what companies need in a post-pandemic world. They found that the main barrier to change is overcoming the traditional siloed working approach in favor of a digitally collaborative one. Businesses are also looking to better manage their human and digital workforce for a combined, hybrid approach.

Process orchestration can solve the emerging needs of businesses. An orchestration platform can provide companies with a solution to scale, while taking little deployment time and being accessible enough for anyone to use with drag-and-drop no-code user interfacing. Even companies with smaller budgets will be able to benefit from the process orchestration revolution.

Our customer, Lenze, was able to deeply understand their own operational structure by implementing FireStart. With process orchestration, they were able to identify opportunities to streamline processes, leading to 75% more resilience during the pandemic.

FireStart ticks boxes for small and medium businesses

In the report, Everest listed FireStart as a stand-out player in the process orchestration field that can empower companies to digitally transform. For workflow automation, FireStart was comparable with industry players like Nintex and Kissflow, providing customers with automation solutions that are simple to use and implement.

FireStart differentiated itself in the report by showing strength in process design and execution, hybrid working, process management, and process implementation and support. For the end-user, FireStart offers a streamlined, optimized, and simplified approach to process creation and management. Low and no code options empower small to medium businesses (SMBs) who do not necessarily have access to software developers. FireStart also stood out in the low to medium complexity workflow category.

FireStart offers value for money

Everest particularly noted the wide variety of offerings that FireStart provides. From the iBPM Suite to the new cloud offering, FireStart consistently ticks the boxes when it comes to consumer needs. Both SMBs and Enterprise can benefit from the wide variety of user-friendly features such as drag-and-drop, the ability to track changes made by users, and visual process map creation. These features are crucial in making digital transformation more simplified. Companies can automate and orchestrate all in one platform, empowering users to connect all parts of their tech ecosystem.

FireStart scored especially well in the hybrid working category, something that has become largely important in the wake of the pandemic. The ability to assign tasks in real-time, send reminders and notifications, start and schedule robotic processes on-demand, and optimize workloads across all digital users, have become essentials in the age of remote working.

The importance of cloud in 2022

As we already mentioned above, FireStart will launch a new cloud offering soon. Due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, companies have been steadily adopting cloud-based technologies to assist with remote working. Many businesses now are either entirely cloud-based or working on a hybrid model.

Going into 2022, even enterprise companies are wanting to integrate cloud hosting platforms. Among providers, 80% of them provide premises solutions while over 90% now offer cloud. Compared to customers, 61% of customers prefer cloud solutions while 39% opt for on-prem. FireStart differentiates itself by providing a hybrid solution that includes both cloud and on-prem, which few software providers offer.

It’s expected that from 2022 and beyond, customers will be preferring cloud solutions as the world transitions from siloed, office working to collaborative, hybrid working.

FireStart’s process orchestration solution provides a good blend of process management and hybrid workforce management capabilities. The product’s ease of use, pre-built integrations with leading third-party RPA products, AI services, collaboration tools, and no-/low-code business application development emerged as some of its key strengths in our assessment.

Amardeep Modi, Vice President, Everest Group

Are you ready to orchestrate your processes?

If you’re considering a digital transformation, a process orchestration platform can provide your business with the governance and clarity it needs. process orchestration empowers businesses to develop their processes beyond what was previously thought possible by integrating a wide variety of applications and databases.

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