How FireStart and UiPath Can Help with Supply Chain Issues

Manufacturing and logistics businesses are feeling the crunch. The pandemic has meant that now 50% of businesses worldwide are needing to automate as a result of Covid-19. The manufacturing industry in particular must begin implementing automation to help with the rise in demand that will follow after the worst of the pandemic is over.

Being “automation ready” isn’t necessarily a quick win. Many businesses were putting it off again and again because of the perceived challenge to implement automation software. Experts agree that once automation was thought to take years, can now take a matter of weeks. That’s because the tech behind automation has grown so rapidly in the past 10 years.

For logistics and manufacturing, these advancements in technology means it's now far easier to implement automation. For example, automating shipping lists in the order fulfilment process has a huge benefit for manufacturers and logistics personnel. Hours that were previously spent manually filling in data to a spreadsheet can now be done by a bot.

Use automation to help smooth the supply chain

Process automation can help orchestrate and coordinate process ecosystems to ensure that everything in the supply chain is running smoothly. Logistics teams can outsource tedious manual work to a bot in order to have more time for important core tasks. This will help ease pressure on teams and minimize loss of ROI from shipping list errors or delays in list despatch.

The added benefit of using a process ecosystem platform like FireStart is the process orchestration. Even as orders grow in volume and the process becomes more complex, FireStart will always be robust enough to create order, helping the logistics department to stay on top of orders.

Stay on top of orders with FireStart and UiPath

FireStart is really a single source of truth for your processes because it integrates with existing IT systems. In this case, FireStart can integrate with UiPath in order to orchestrate and manage the software robots. Software robots are easy to build and deploy, but to avoid robot chaos, it’s best to have a process management platform in place to ensure governance.

FireStart is like the conductor of an orchestra, ensuring that every robot and application is doing exactly what it needs to do in order to achieve process success. When software robots are contained within a process ecosystem, processes run smoother because there is proper governance.

Creating and distributing shipping lists with FireStart and UiPath performing as one means more orders can be fulfilled without mistakes or employees over hours.

First, FireStart empowers users to map and model the ideal process, giving all the humans involved a comprehensive overview of the workflow end-to-end. Next, the UiPath robot jumps in to execute the list filling that was previously done manually. The bot takes the information and collates this all into an Excel spreadsheet. From here, the robot gives the spreadsheet back to FireStart where it becomes part of the overall process again and is stored in the central repository for easy access.

Instead of taking 2 hours every day for an employee, with FireStart, you can reduce this down to minutes. Employees now have time for their core tasks, leaving the menial, brain-numbing work of filling in shipping lists to the robot.

Automate your logistics department

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