How You Can Improve Employee Experience with Process Automation

Improving the employee experience is key to improving employee retention rates. Want to have a more engaged workforce and keep your top hires? Automate their daily tedious tasks so they have more reasons to love their job.

Employee experience is all about ensuring your employees feel valued in their roles. Valued employees are more highly engaged, contribute better quality work, and remain in their jobs for longer.

77% of employers in 2022 agree that retaining employees is harder than hiring new candidates. So if employee experience management is so important, how can employers improve employee experience?

An engaging environment matters

Improving employee experience means creating an environment where employees are engaged. In 2021, only 31% of employees were actively engaged with their work. It's an all-time-low since 2000 which has left employers concerned.

According to McKinsey, there are 3 main reasons why people may choose to leave their job in the post-pandemic world.

  • 54% didn’t feel valued by their organizations

  • 52% didn’t feel valued by their managers

  • 51% didn’t feel a sense of belonging at work

As you can see, it highly depends on whether the individual feels valued in their role. If an employee feels their job is too overwhelming and full of small tasks they don't want to do, then they will start looking for the door.

McKinsey report graphicPrevent high turnover rates

The Great Resignation is a new term that has been coined lately to explain the phenomenon of why so many employees are deciding to leave their jobs. It's absolutely crucial for managers and executives to understand why employees are turning away in order to find ways to retain employees and recruit new, motivated talent in the future.

Part of an employee retention strategy is improving employee experience for both existing and new hires. Automation can help employees to feel more valued in their current roles.

Process automation lifts the burden of manual, tedious tasks from employees, so they can focus on meaningful, complex, and engaging tasks. This not only improves the employee's daily experience but also increases productivity and saves the company's resources.

Automate the tasks your employees don't want to do

One sure-fire way to raise employee satisfaction and joy is to automate heavily manual tasks. There are many daily to-dos that hinder professionals from reaching their innate potential. No one wants to spend hours copying and pasting data, or writing multiple formulaic emails. There are many tasks that employees have to do, but don't want to do.

Contrary to popular belief, employees do enjoy when they are freed from tasks that don't require critical thinking. 94% of SMB employees say they don't feel highly effective in their day-to-day role because of time-consuming, repetitive tasks.

Automation saves employees time so they can focus on the tasks that require their specific skillset. With FireStart, it's possible for any employee to begin creating a workflow in under 1 minute. The drag-and-drop functionality means coding isn't required to create streamlined digital workflows.

Automating employees' most manual tasks helps lift tedious work from their shoulders so they can focus on what matters.

Help employees focus on complex tasks

The truth of the matter is employees are happier in their role when they can problem-solve and contribute to the bigger picture. Workers are often overwhelmed and overburdened with tasks that don't help them grow or develop professionally.

According to a recent survey, 65% of knowledge workers report being less stressed at work when they automate manual tasks. Automating tasks that distract skilled workers from actually contributing their unique skills to a company helps employees to lower their stress levels and enjoy their roles more.

With orchestration platforms like FireStart, workers are able to focus on their roles without being distracted by manual tasks. Employees can send forms to gather data, send automatic emails, and automatically assign tasks to other members of the team without spending hours on process organization. FireStart takes care of all the steps so workers can jump to the part of the task that requires critical thinking.

More interesting work equals more employee engagement and better retention rates. Employees feel more valued when they feel like they are making a valuable contribution to the team and seeing the impact of their work.

Improve the employee experience with automation

Utilizing technology to improve employee experience and engagement is a smart strategy to future-proof your business. Not only will your business processes be automated, but you'll have everything stored in the cloud for the future.

how to improve employee experience

Your business will see quick results:

Achieve better collaboration. Digital workflows empower employees to collaborate better together, leading to more personal engagement.

Work seamlessly from around the world. Learn how to work with remote teams in an improved way so all employees can keep up with the latest tasks to avoid miscommunication and confusion.

Effectively manage your teams. Accurately check up on employees by viewing the status of every workflow at a glance, so you never lose track of anything.

While it can seem daunting to start automating your workflows, using a no-code tool will make the process a lot easier. It means that anyone can create digital workflows without any coding experience, relieving pressure from your IT team.

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