Improve Your Onboarding Process with FireStart and UiPath

Delivering a meaningful onboarding for each employee is an important step in building a flourishing company. The HR department are experts in managing people, so it’s crucial that they’re not weighed down by excess paperwork. Using UiPath and FireStart together empowers your company to seamlessly onboard new hires in less time than you think.

New hires want to start providing value, and the HR department wants to help all new employees to start quickly. So why doesn’t every new hire start contributing as soon as they step into the office on day one? Often, it has to do with steps in the onboarding process that are still running manually. Logins need to be set up, papers need to be signed, and payroll needs to be informed with all the employee data – all these processes take far too much time when done manually.

In the new wave of the tech revolution, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has risen in awareness for its citizen-developed software bots. Members of the HR team are now able to create and deploy their own software robots to automate their previously manual tasks.

The problem now facing citizen developer teams is to do with organization. Multiple active robots can be difficult to keep track of when considering an entire end-to-end workflow. Added transparency over where robots are running and what tasks need to be approved can greatly help HR teams to perform as one with people and technology.

Onboard employees with UiPath robots and FireStart governance

Onboarding new talent is a crucial step to building an organization with talented individuals. The onboarding process itself has many manual tasks that can result in disorganized communication, delayed starting time, and sometimes, incorrect employee information. FireStart can resolve organizational onboarding issues by streamlining the process and automating previously manual tasks. In collaboration with our technology partner, UiPath, FireStart and UiPath together can make the onboarding process seamless.

Start by mapping out an onboarding process in FireStart, detailing all the necessary steps to streamline the overall workflow. Then, automate each task by integrating UiPath robots to do previously manual tasks in minutes. Generate contracts automatically and sign them digitally, and generate employee logins and passwords. Easily register employees with payroll, accounting, e-learning, and other IT systems in seconds.

By the end of the workflow, new candidates have electronically signed all necessary documents, IT permissions have been approved, and new hires are ready to start on their first day. Automating the onboarding workflow means the HR team has more time to focus on real people, helping HR professionals boost their time efficiency.

Only one platform for multiple applications

The benefit of FireStart is in its structural governance. In any process, employees can login and see exactly which tasks they have to complete and where RPA software bots are running in the process. This means that even with multiple UiPath robots being triggered by FireStart, the bots always return to FireStart to finish the process.

Users can create UiPath queue items directly from FireStart. To check the status, users can create a periodic check with FireStart timer events to see if the queue item is in process or complete. When the timer event is complete, the completed UiPath activity returns to FireStart and the workflow continues.

With a range of integrations like SAP, Celonis, and Microsoft 365, the entire process itself is completely streamlined. FireStart empowers users to contain all pieces of a process in one place, so no data ever goes missing, and every member of the team can see a process status.

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Interested in learning more?

Talk to an Account Executive for a complimentary demo.