Meet FireStart's New CFO, Christof Koessler

To set sustainable growth year over year, Christof Koessler has joined the FireStart leadership team. As Chief Finance Officer, Christof is excited to support the team with his expert e-commerce knowledge so we can drive growth.

At FireStart, we are more focused than ever on expanding throughout Europe and beyond. To drive growth and scale, Christof Koessler has joined our ranks as our new CFO to help us to reach our ambitious goals.

Originally from Bozen, South Tyrol in Italy, Christof was previously a Corporate Finance Consultant at PwC, and also assisted in managing other e-commerce startups (Eathappy and Kyddo). His diverse previous experience has equipped Christof with expert insight into what makes a company successful, especially when it comes to finance-related matters and management. Our new direction into a product-focused company means Christof's insights are more valuable than ever.

"I live by these wise words: all choices have consequences, stick to your values, and get enough sleep." - Christof Koessler, CFO FireStart

His trajectory is set on helping FireStart's new product offering, FireStart Cloud, be as successful as it can be. Initially, Christof chose FireStart because of the company culture, and the possibilities of the new product. "I love the company culture at FireStart. Everyone is very open, transparent, and respectful in their communication. FireStart Cloud is also such an exciting product. I'm optimistic about what we will achieve."

Christof CFO

Pop Quiz

Get to know Christof in these quick questions below.

Q. What brings you the most joy?

A. Having a healthy balance between intimate relationships, family, friends, and work. Balance is the key to a rewarding life!

Q. How do you simplify your day to focus on what matters most?

A. I prioritize everything by following the 80:20 rule. The Pareto principle states that 80% of your results come from 20% of your actions, so the goal is to make those actions count.

Q. How do you find balance in your life?

A. I find the most peace and balance by exercising regularly and prioritizing my spiritual health too. Spending quality time with my family, time in nature, having inspiring conversations; these little things create a lot of balance in my life.

Q. Why did you choose to live and work abroad?

A. I was always curious about the world beyond the mountains surrounding my hometown.

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