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Project management software like helps teams to manage projects in the cloud, while process management tools help teams to manage their overarching processes. Integrating both of these tools together allows project managers to oversee projects end-to-end from start to finish.

Managing a project from start to finish can be time-consuming and rigorous. Managers spend their time sending emails and messages to coordinate resources, while staff waits on project clarity to begin their work.

Throw remote or hybrid work into the mix and project management now becomes even more difficult to have a big-picture overview.

Project managers often have to use multiple tools to coordinate with different teams. One team in the organization may use, while another uses Asana or Clickup.

This often means that managers are switching from tool to tool, chewing up time and resources, while still not having a big-picture overview of all the moving parts.

With FireStart, it's possible to integrate your favorite project management tools, like Monday, to refine and support your project management efforts.

Instead of dipping in and out of various tools, project managers can integrate common project management tools into the FireStart stack to manage everything in one place.

Optimize your workflows beyond project management is a Work Operating System (Work OS) that powers teams to run projects with confidence. Project management tools like seek to help everyone make their project management more efficient.

The problem is that often the managers are so swamped with to-dos that they don't have time to consider the process of the project itself.

A process is a string of repetitive tasks that you consistently follow to complete a goal. So within a project goal, like publishing a newsletter or onboarding an employee, there is an underlying process that you always follow to get to the end goal.

Why does this matter? Instead of reinventing the wheel every single time you have a new project, with business process management tools like FireStart, you can more clearly define the process that the project should follow. This allows you to automate tasks in the process flow while also integrating your project management tools.

4 ways to use with FireStart

One way to seriously overhaul your in-house efficiency is to start using a complete workflow automation tool. Automating repeating tasks in the process not only saves time but also cuts back on the hours spent manually creating tasks or writing briefs.

To keep up with rapidly changing projects and shifting IT departments, you need software that's flexible and reliable. Process automation solutions help take your project management from good to great.

1. Send automatic tasks to

In the course of a project, many hours are spent manually creating tasks and writing custom briefs. While this is an important part of planning and organizing a project, it's a part that no manager enjoys doing.

Time spent on creating and writing up tasks means there's less time to coordinate with stakeholders.

What's more, project management software ( doesn't make it easy to keep track of larger projects. It's difficult to keep a bird's eye view, while also focusing on the finer details.

With FireStart, team leads and project managers can actually automate task creation to maintain a big picture view of the entire project. In FireStart, create tasks that are sent automatically as soon as the workflow starts.

Using the integration, managers can choose which board the task should go to. The responsible people will be notified both in FireStart and, so your teams can already get to work without you having to remind them.

When the task is complete, the assigned staff can mark the task as done in FireStart, allowing the workflow automation to continue.

2. Create instant boards on

Not only can you automate task setup, but also boards! With the integration, you can automatically create boards straight into the defined workspace.

Monday Board FireStart

Say your project manager wants to set up a board for a specific project. With FireStart, managers can easily integrate a board to be automatically generated for that specific project.

Simply set up the process with the integration and as soon as the automated process is running, the board will be created.

Managers now don't have to spend time working with several tools. Straight from one central source of truth, project managers can maintain a broad bird's eye view without losing alignment of the finer details.

3. Generate groups in moments on

To manage a project well, project management tools on Monday feature groups. Groups help define different areas of the project, providing much-needed organization to any project.

The downside is groups can take a lot of time to set up manually.

Monday Group FireStart

In FireStart, project managers can automatically generate groups when putting together their larger process management workflows.

Teams can now start working on tasks sooner by automating several steps in the process, giving the project manager more time to coordinate person-to-person, rather than spending time setting up the project manually.

Generating groups also makes it easier to manage the overall process to ensure that nothing is missed, while also giving attention to the finer details of the project itself.

4. Work across departments with webhooks

Projects are not managed in siloes. Often it's the case that the tasks in a project span multiple departments in the organization.

Webhook FireStart

Project management tools that don't span across departments can become siloed, leading to communication fractures and missed deadlines.

FireStart supports integrated webhooks, so managers can automatically send tasks across teams and departments.

For example, when one department finishes a task and another department must be notified to start on their task, FireStart can automate this part of the process so the project manager doesn't need to send an email reminder.

The task from one department is passed on to the next team automatically, boosting collaboration cross-department without delays.

Save time and resources with FireStart and

Business process automation tools help to lighten the load on your internal resources. Project managers are often overburdened with too many tasks in order to keep a project running on time.

Alleviating the load from managers allows them more time to meaningfully coordinate projects with all stakeholders involved.

The struggle for managers is to see the wider overview with the finer details of project planning. Business automation tools like FireStart make it possible to have the best of both worlds.

It's now simple to integrate your project management tools directly into the workflow automation software, making it more efficient to track project success and ensure that the project timeline is as efficient as possible.

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