FireStart is an industry-independent BPM product and therefore implemented at various kinds of companies.

Our solutions for your industry

Here you find some example industries that use solutions based on FireStart.

Bank & Insurance

In the field of bank and Insurance, FireStart offers ingenious rights management, ensuring the integrity of business data. An integrated risk management is vital in installing an internal control system.

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Mobility and service quality are the top priority of telecommunication companies. FireStart is able to aggregate business data from third party systems thanks to application-comprehensive workflows and distribute them to co-workers on mobile devices.

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Power Industry

Companies working in the power industry are required to comply with strict standards. With FireStart, organizations achieve audit-proof process documentation and reach legal security with minimal effort.

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Production & Industry

“Lived” process management offers high product quality and, at the same time, an Increase in efficiency in production companies and Industry, thus reducing production costs and time considerably.

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High quality standards for an optimal patient-center care require a mature process management. In health care, FireStart is the ideal tool for meeting these demands reliably.

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Public Administration

In the public sector, the efficient execution of document centred workflows is crucial. FireStart optimises the flow of documents and information in the company.

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