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The Beton- und Tiefbau Technik GmbH realized an automated order service with the help of FireStart to save time and reduce lacks of information.

Automated Order Service With FireStart

Beton- und Tiefbau Technik GmbH offers a comprehensive range of services in industrial construction, building construction, and civil engineering. Professional work with the best quality is guaranteed with a team of over 100 qualified employees and a modern machine fleet. Since its founding in 1999, technically accurate and contract-compliant buildings have been constructed.

In the future, the entire material and device preparation process should take place automatically and paper-free for construction managers. This requires that employees have access to a centrally accessible and easy-to-use ordering system. In this manner, orders can be processed without losing time or information.

Blue sky; view of a motorway bridge from below.

With Microsoft SharePoint, we chose an independent and easy-to-use information system that, thanks to an optimized user interface, makes the ordering process ideally operable on mobile end devices as well, such as the Apple iPad. Thanks to FireStart’s integration options, information from the user’s third-party systems are provided in a process-oriented manner.

Due to FireStart’s workflow support, orders are immediately accepted and processed without time and information loss from warehouse management.

Bmstr. Ing. Erwin Gillinger, CEO BT Bau

BT Bau

Production & Industry

Automated Ordering Service


At a glance

  • Integration into Microsoft SharePoint
  • Mobile availability
  • Automated workflows
  • Connection to third party systems


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