As part of the ISO 9001 certification, ekey's entire process landscape was mapped and its workflows visualized, redesigned, and automated.

All Processes Logically Mapped and Automated

It’s happened to all of us: You step out for a few minutes and suddenly realize you left the keys inside. What now? ekey has the smart solution for this problem! The Linz-based company lets you use your finger to unlock the door—by installing a fingerprint scanner. ekey has been developing and producing access systems since 2002 and, with more than a million satisfied customers, today is Europe’s number one in the field of fingerprint access applications. Hardly surprising, then, that the international company exports its products to over seventy countries and has more than one hundred employees working at its five locations in Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein/Switzerland, Italy, and Slovenia.

ekey took their ISO 9001 certification in 2017 as an opportunity to install the FireStart BPM Suite to create a process map of the entire company, document all processes and make them accessible and editable in a paperless, asynchronous form independent of the location. But that’s not all: FireStart allowed ekey to map many processes from beginning to end. And because the BPM Suite communicates and interacts with all the company’s internal systems, these processes could also be automated, which led to them being more structured, more elegant, and faster, and to an even smoother process flow.

Automation at ekey was implemented not just in a small division of the company, but comprehensively: From new employee onboarding, leave request submissions, and applications for new hardware and software, to invoice process management and the respective approval processes—everything is now supported by automation. Even the innovative company’s suggestion platform has been automated by FireStart. Now the employee’s ideas instantly reach the right place, enabling a quicker implementation. This is what innovation looks like in 2020.

By introducing FireStart as a BPM system, we not only digitized our processes to make them asynchronous and faster to execute, but we also brought in a tool for process documentation, and with it, considerable process know-how and awareness into the company.

Thomas Buchholz, Head of IT, ekey biometric systems GmbH

ekey biometric systems GmbH


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