At the Josef Manner & Comp AG leaner and more efficient processes were set up and further developed with the unique FireStart BPM Suite.

The Sweet Taste of BPM

Josef Manner & Comp AG is a rare example of a large, successful Austrian company that is still family-owned as it has been since its founding. Its main factory in Vienna and branch in Lower Austria employ roughly 700 employees. These popular confectionery products are exported to over 50 countries in and outside of Europe.

Process maps, core, and support processes should be depicted in a tool that allows for efficient process management in a company the size of Manner. Moreover, it should allow for the integration of a risk management system and the structuring of a ticketing system. Furthermore, a workflow engine for executing select processes was planned.

A woman smilingly bites into a bar of Manner cooking chocolate.

FireStart’s workflow functions help Manner create leaner and more efficient business processes, with process modelling and automation taking place inside a single environment. Embedded in the SharePoint intranet portal, employees receive an overview of the current business processes. Its simple operation and quick interface setup are also compelling.

FireStart’s Microsoft look and feel, Outlook and SharePoint integration, simply process design, and ultra-modern IT architecture delight Manner’s users and IT experts alike.

Wolfgang Reimitz, CIO/CPO Manner AG




Process and risk management


At a glance

  • Process Portal in SharePoint
  • Outlook integration
  • Revision proof model processing
  • High level of user friendliness


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