Seniorenhilfe OÖ
Seniorenhilfe OÖ Linz-Leonding has chosen FireStart BPM Suite for its new billing and customer management system to efficiently complete management tasks.

Better Service Quality With Smart Workflows

Founded in 2003, Seniorenhilfe Linz-Leonding is an association that operates across Upper Austria and aids people that require personal care. Its goal is to improve people’s day-to-day life by offering mobile care and assistance while allowing people to remain in the comfort of their usual environment.

Seniorenhilfe Linz-Leonding’s customer administration and invoicing system used to be mostly paper-based, which was associated with high administrative costs and deteriorated quality. In order to be feature-ready, Seniorenhilfe, therefore, needed to digitalize its business processes and make them centrally accessible to employees.

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With FireStart BPM Suite, the business processes were first carried over into process models and subsequently automated. This resulted in an administrative and invoicing system that retrieves customer data with the correct rates and special items, automatically generating and sending an invoice in PDF format to the customer in question.

In the end, the time saved in management once again benefits our customers. With the help of FireStart, we can solve problems super quickly and in a practical manner.

Rudolf Wahlmüller, General Manager Seniorenhilfe OÖ Linz-Leonding

Seniorenhilfe OÖ Linz-Leonding

Health Care

Invoicing system & customer administration


At a glance

  • Improved data quality
  • Workflow automation
  • Digitalization of business processes
  • High level of user friendliness


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