Vienna Health Association
At the Vienna Health Association a modern internal controlling system (ICS) was set up with FireStart which helped to reduce the administrative efforts.

Governance, Risk and Compliance Management

The Vienna Health Association is among the largest health institutions in Europe with its eight hospitals and nine nursing homes. Over 30,000 employees from 70 nations ensure the well-being of roughly 400,000 hospitalized patients and the roughly 3.5 million patients that receive outpatient treatment day after day.

The internal controlling department’s internal business processes were still organized in a decentralized manner, and were generally carried out with paper and pencil or Excel sheets. As a result, the additional expense in processing and verifying defined controlled activities was accordingly high. An up-to-date reporting system was hardly possible, and the structure of the reports in hospitals differed despite central guidelines.

The Vienna Health Association received a central, multi-client capable ICS with a standardized user interface. This user interface allows both management and end-users to intuitively operate the system in a self-explanatory manner. The new ICS’ base technologies are FireStart for automating the relevant workflows and SharePoint for creating the ICS portal.

In collaboration with FireStart we created a user-friendly ICS that perfectly fits to our requirements in a modern IT environment. The continuous reports help us to identify problems earlier and to react faster. This is major benefit not just for a single hospital but for the whole Vienna Health Association.

Michael B. Schwob, Project Manager and Head of Finance and Controlling of the Donauspital Wien

Vienna Health Association

Health Care

Internal Control System (ICS)


At a glance

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Central control system
  • Up-to-date reporting system
  • Digitalization of business processes


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