Wien Energie
Wien Energie uses FireStart since 2010 and since then enjoys version controlled and revision safe service processes that are fully traceable and can be evaluated systematically.

Professional Process and Change Management

Wien Energie employs roughly 2,680 workers and is Austria’s largest energy service company. Roughly 2 million people, 230,000 commercial and industrial systems, and 4,500 farms are provided with energy around the clock. Furthermore, Wien Energie is responsible for recycling, building maintenance, telecommunications, energy consulting, and energy services.

Previously, Wien Energie used to struggle with changes in their process models since the relevant information used to be spread in a number of individual documents. Thanks to the implementation of FireStart, business processes are no longer document-oriented, but rather carried over into a professional BPM system, which makes it easy to comply to internal company guidelines while maintaining corporate identity.

An employee of Wien Energie with an electricity meter in front of solar panels.

The new BPM system allowed for central management of all models, including version management, rights management, and publication functions. In the SharePoint Portal, all employees have access to up-to-date information, process descriptions, and applicable documents. Together with SharePoint, FireStart makes up an ideal management system and contributed to Wien Energie’s successful ISO 9001 re-certification.

We thoroughly looked at the market for the selection of a BPM system and could not find a comparable product concerning user guidance. FireStart supported us optimally at the successful ICO 9001 re-certification and is, in combination with SharePoint, an ideal management system.

Ing. Andreas Höfler, Process Manager, Wien Energie GmbH

Wien Energie


Business Process Management


At a glance

  • Requires litte training
  • Easier process navigation
  • Assistance with ISO 9001 re-certification
  • Central model management


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