Product and Release Management Has Never Been Easier
Product and Release Management Has Never Been Easier

Product and Release Management Has Never Been Easier




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Due to its flexibility, COPA-DATA is constantly setting new functionality and operating comfort standards in industrial automation, thereby setting market trends in the smart factory, Industry 4.0, and IoT fields. As a globally active software company, there are lofty standards to be met for internal service processes in product and software release management. To make these processes efficient and consistent, FireStart was introduced as a new process and workflow platform.


During the initial pilot projects, the internal service processes began to be coordinated with the specialist managers. Afterward, these processes were connected to leading IT systems and workflow forms were designed for the individual user groups. This comprehensive life cycle meant that requirements could be quickly clarified, tested in practice, and optimized.


Using the FireStart BPM Suite, COPA-DATA has already implemented many projects using an iterative, agile process model. In particular, it has implemented projects such as build and beta build requests from Zenon, lifecycle management of test VMs in a test environment, IT backup management, and SharePoint document sync with cloud storage. By fully digitizing these processes, they can be observed from an end-to-end perspective and efficiently executed. As a result, quick action can be taken against changing market conditions specified in the product development sector, creating additional competitive advantages.

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