Automating the Entire Company with Innovation
Automating the Entire Company with Innovation

Automating the Entire Company with Innovation




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In 2017, Ekey pursued their vision to be instituted with the ISO 9001 certification: the most prevalent standard in quality management. An ISO certification requires detailed audits and reviews of documents, proving consistency in quality standards. Ekey took this opportunity to orchestrate and transform its entire workflow management landscape. The transformation significantly boosted the company’s reputation, improving efficiency and customer trust.


To reflect Ekey’s innovative stance and address the company’s unique requirements, FireStart first took a step back to re-examine the company’s processes, from HR and accounting to IT and management. FireStart assisted in mapping, visualizing, redesigning, and automating the company’s entire landscape collaboratively with the client.


Ekey was able to digitize their processes company-wide with FireStart. They implemented seamless digital onboarding processes for new employees, digitize leave requests, and digitally invoice clients with an automated approval process. Automating workflows helped Ekey to reduce their overall lead time and create synergy between departments and systems.

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