The Sweet Taste Of Automated Workflows
The Sweet Taste Of Automated Workflows

The Sweet Taste Of Automated Workflows


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Process maps, core, and support processes should be depicted in a tool that allows for efficient process management in a company the size of Manner. Moreover, it should allow for integrating a risk management system and the structuring of a ticketing system. Furthermore, a workflow engine for executing select processes was planned.


FireStart’s workflow functions help Manner create leaner and more efficient business processes, with process modelling and automation taking place inside a single environment. Embedded in the SharePoint intranet portal, employees receive an overview of the current business processes. Its simple operation and quick interface setup are also compelling.


After a brief introductory project, Manner’s process management system could ascertain processes in an organized manner together with the departments involved. All process information, from the process, maps to the individual process, is available in a revision-proof system environment and can be professionally refined. Access to the latest process information is available to employees via the new SharePoint intranet portal. Current processes in the product, IT service, and risk management department are being automated in workflow projects.

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