Improved Process Quality and Global Collaboration
Improved Process Quality and Global Collaboration

Improved Process Quality and Global Collaboration


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TEST-FUCHS is required to meet mandatory strict statutory requirements, meaning that process quality must come first. The rigorous documentation done by TEST-FUCHS led to mountains of paperwork that caused them to consider upgrading to digital processes. Having a clear structure in place allows the organization to have more time for innovation, something the company does well.


FireStart worked collaboratively with TEST-FUCHS to reconceive over 100 processes and modeled them within a centralized system. Required documents were integrated into the workflow, and approvals were moved to the process portal, allowing for greater compliance and flexibility company-wide. Simplified processes and a clear overview gave each employee greater role clarity. These solutions were ideal for a company looking to continue its global expansion.


TEST-FUCHS transformed its process ecosystem with FireStart. They were able to achieve milestones such as digitizing their onboarding process and integrate all documentation into digital workflows. TEST-FUCHS improved employee clarity of daily tasks and processes, while simultaneously improving global collaboration worldwide. With more transparency and greater compliance, TEST-FUCHS can now transition seamlessly into the digital age and continue to scale.

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