The Synergy Of Process Modelling and Perfected Workflow
The Synergy Of Process Modelling and Perfected Workflow

The Synergy Of Process Modelling and Perfected Workflow



11+ years

With FireStart




In 2010, the gas division of Wien Energie faced challenges streamlining their process models. Vital information was scattered across various documents within disjointed systems, making it difficult to comply with internal company guidelines and maintain a strong corporate identity. The time-consuming and manual processes made it clear that Wien Energie needed to begin digitizing their workflows to create more ease, innovation, and transparency within the company.


Wien Energie chose a combined approach between FireStart iBPMS and SharePoint ECM platform to build and shape the new corporate management system. Working closely with Wien Energie process managers and IT managers, FireStart designed and implemented over 250 digital processes that allowed for centralized management, increased governance with real-time process tracking, and cross-department collaboration.


Wien Energie automated their entire workflow ecosystem with FireStart for digital success. Wien Energie was able to fully digitize and automate their core corporate management system, while also reaching compliance goals with an automated ISO 9001 certification process.

Streamlining manual processes, like HR onboarding and GDPR, meant there is now more time for employees to perform other tasks. Assets and documentation, like contracts, are now stored in the central repository for easy access between stakeholders. FireStart makes it possible for Wien Energie to get real-time data from their processes and track their success.

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