Automated sick leave notifications relieve the HR department of the FHWien of WKW

Process automation reduces administrative effort by:

Managing sick leave notifications clearly & revision-proof

Facilitating documentation and evaluation of absences

Allowing fast information paths without time delay

Reducing administration costs

From analogue to digital sick notes

What you can expect in the webinar

The challenge

Almost 4.6 million: This is the number of sick leave cases that were recorded in Austria in 2018 according to Statistics Austria. On average, employees were registered as sick for 13.1 calendar days of the year. For companies and their HR departments, this volume of sick leave notifications creates an administrative burden that should not be underestimated.

The solution

A digital process for sick notes ensures that sick notes are submitted and recorded in time and communicated to the right places. An additional benefit: the burden on the HR department is reduced and administrative costs can be cut.

The use case

The FHWien of WKW has automated its process for sick leave notifications in an exemplary manner. Employees can now report themselves sick via the process portal or by e-mail – also via their private e-mail account. One positive effect is that the number of telephone inquiries in the HR department has been significantly reduced.

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11:00 am, online

In this webinar we will introduce you to our joint project with the FHWien of the WKW. In close cooperation, the existing processes were recorded and modelled in order to subsequently automate the selected process. You will gain valuable insights into an already implemented project, see the FireStart BPM platform in action, and of course we will share our most important lessons from this successful project with you.


Patrick Antonik
Chief Technology Evangelist

Wolfgang Bauer
Software Architect

Mag.a Carina Ruzek
Process Management

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