BTOES 2021

Orlando Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld®
- 12/17/2021
Orlando Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld®
- 17/12/2021

FireStart joins the BTOES conference as a Golden Sponsor

Transform your business and see how organizations around the world are rethinking and adjusting the role of operational excellence to prepare for the future. FireStart will be attending the BTOES conference in Orlando to show you how to automate in the present to prepare for the future.

Join the largest gathering of senior-level executives across the entire business transformation and operational excellence ecosystem. Learn from the best selection of senior-level Operational Excellence and Business Transformation Leaders and gain insights from the fastest-growing, most agile, most innovative organizations.

Come and see us in BTOES Orlando to ask us all about how FireStart can help your organization be more agile, scale, grow and be more efficient than ever before.

Event Speakers

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- 17/11/2021
What is more important than a reliable process ecosystem when it comes to processing governance? Together with Gerd Schüler from LENZE, our CEO Robert Hutter will give an insightful process talk at the 19th Process Management Summit.
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Join the world’s largest community-driven conference in Germany to see how FireStart can help you with your digital transformation.
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Join us on SharePoint Fest DC in September to see how FireStart can connect the dots between your people, processes, and technology all in one place.