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FireStart is a powerful BPM Suite that enables organizations to model, automate and improve their daily business processes.

Process Management Meets Workflow Automation

FireStart links professional process planning, powerful workflow automation and profound process analytics in one unified Business Process Management System. It has never been easier to develop fully integrated processes that are aligned to your strategic goals.

Intelligent process automation means your workflows are integrated with your business processes – ensuring your automated tasks remain compliant and managed with a governance model.

Process Modelling

Enhanced process modelling allows you to build complex flowcharts and manage process documents, resources, risks, and IT systems with performance metadata, enabling you to have process models that are truly comprehensive and paint a full picture of your procedures.

Check the change history and quickly compare two versions to review all the specific items that were added, deleted, or modified, and generate a Word document that describes your process with just a few clicks.

Workflow Automation

Powerful productivity gains are within your reach; FireStart’s workflow designer is an intuitive canvas where a process model can quickly be connected to back-end systems using a graphical mapping interface.

Complex business rules can be executed in a Condition Editor using comparisons and logic statements, and human-centric tasks can be managed in a Form Wizard connected to multiple data sources. All this, without a single line of code.

Process Intelligence

Get valuable insights into your process execution performance with FireStart’s Process Intelligence toolkit. Check live data on active workflows or review a six-month performance trend to see how your process improvement initiatives have worked.

You can also analyze your processes running costs using standardized reports and charts, such as Matrix, and manage risks and associated controls, giving you a powerful internal control system connected to your workflow.

The FireStart Lifecycle

Find out how enhanced process management can change your world, today.