Process Intelligence
Get valuable insights into your operational business processes and make better data-driven decisions.

Process Intelligence Before Process Improvement

Get valuable insights into your process execution performance with FireStart’s Business Process Intelligence toolkit. Check live data on active workflows or review a six-month performance trend to see how your process improvement initiatives have worked. You can also analyze your processes running costs using standardized reports and charts, such as Matrix, and manage risks and associated controls, giving you a powerful internal control system connected to your workflow.

Welcome to the world of intelligent business improvement.

Business Process Analysis Tool - FireStart
FireStart Process Intelligence Tool - Matrix View

Enter the Matrix

Associate costs, resources and duration to your process steps and quickly spot potenial areas for improvement. FireStart gives you to-the-second accountability of each step of a process execution.

Customized Report with the Business Process Analyses Tool - FireStart

Reporting the Facts

Generate customized reports that show you all the data you need, including timeline trends and performance matrices, based on easily available data from the FireStart server.

FireStart Process Intelligence KPIs

FireStart to Major Tom

Take a glance at your FireStart process control panel and quickly see key performance indicators, like automation level, and see how duties and responsibilities are assigned.

FireStart Process Intelligence in a Nutshell

FireStart Process Intelligence Tool

Find out how intelligent process analytics can change your world, today.


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