Process Modelling
Advanced Process Modelling in a world of Digital Transformation. This is the new normal.

Model Your Process With Ease

Enhanced process modelling allows you to build complex flowcharts and manage process documents, resources, risks and IT systems with performance metadata in an unique tool, enabling you to have process models that are truly comprehensive and get a full picture of your procedures. Open documents linked to a process step with one click, see all the processes where a specific role has tasks to perform, or manage and mitigate your risks by process. Check the change history and quickly compare two versions to review all the specific items that were added, deleted, or modified, and generate a Word document that describes your process with just a few clicks.

Welcome to the world of intelligent process management.

Business Process Modelling Tool - FireStart
Beautiful Editor of the Process Modelling Tool - FireStart

Beautiful Editor

FireStart’s process designer is an elegant canvas where you can  easily draw even the most complex process models, with auto-spacing, line suggestions, and a host of additional options in the contextual menu.

Let your process-artistry shine.

Version Management - Business Modelling Software from FireStart

Version Management

With FireStart’s model management, you can easily see version history, change notes, and compare two versions of a process. You can easily roll back to a previous version and quickly republish it to the browser-based process portal.

So go ahead, make that change.

Transparent Processes

FireStart opens a new world for you and your co-workers. Design and develop processes as a team by being able to see all company processes in one shared process portal and leave comments on the process as you go.

This is collaboration, all grown up.

FireStart Process Modelling in a Nutshell

Process Modelling Software - FireStart

Find out how enhanced process management can change your world, today.

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