Workflow Automation
Powerful workflows at your fingertips; this is the world of low-code, rapid deployment process automation.

Process Automation, No Code Required

Powerful productivity gains are within your reach; FireStart’s workflow designer is an intuitive canvas where a process model can quickly be connected to back-end systems using a graphical mapping interface. Complex business rules can be executed in a Condition Editor using comparisons and logic statements, and human-centric tasks can be managed in a Form Wizard connected to multiple data sources. Forms arrive directly in the users’ email client with all the relevant data required for them to complete the task, and live workflow monitoring always lets you know how the execution is progressing. All this, without a single line of code.

Welcome to the world of intelligent process automation.

Process Automation with FireStart

The Form Factor

FireStart’s drag-and-drop wizard generates an automatic form with all the fields you need; all you have to do is think about is how you want the layout to look. With a few clicks, you can decide which data is read only, which data is mandatory, and even create validation rules for data that is manually entered.

Forming tasks has never been so simple.

Data Mapping with FireStart- Intelligent Process Automation

Hello, Data

The data mapping wizard of FireStart’s process automation tool makes it extremely simple to create connections to your back-end databases and transactional systems. Visual links provide clear relations between systems, and the mapping can be easily reused for multiple workflows so you can always tap into your data without needing IT support.

It’s all about having the right connections.

FireStart robotic process automation tool (RPA)

It's All About That Low-Code

FireStart’s visual activity configuration wizard amps up the power of your workflows. Build end-to-end processes by conveniently arranging pre-built activities – it’s as simple as playing with toy blocks. All relevant data, even from multiple sources, can be used, and re-used, for configuration in all your processes.

That’s process automation at its best!

FireStart Workflow Automation in a Nutshell

Intelligent Process Automation Tool from FireStarg

Find out how powerful process automation can change your world, today.


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