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FireStart launches a new Microsoft Teams Add-In


FireStart is back and better than ever with our second release of the year!
The FireStart 2020.2 iBPM Suite has a bunch of fresh and exciting goodies in store for you including a brand-new Microsoft Teams Add-in to make all of your workflow wishes come true.

Since 2017, Microsoft Teams has been the go-to app for all things teamwork. From facilitating remote meetings to handling communal files, Microsoft Teams endlessly encourages colleagues to join forces and share ideas no matter where they are. That’s why we are over the moon to be adopting this new feature that will propel your business towards seamless workflow collaboration.

Installation is made incredibly easy with the possibility for FireStart Admins to automatically install the app for their entire organization. This means that each member of staff is not required to manually install the Add-in themselves which makes the process quick and efficient.

Not only is this new Add-in accessible in no time but it’s also super flexible. Available as both a desktop app and a browser version, the FireStart App for Microsoft Teams now gives users the freedom to complete workflow tasks not just anywhere but also anytime. You can now design and execute tasks from the comfort of the Microsoft Teams app without needing to do so via rich client or process portal.

Once the Add-in is up and running, new users will be able to clearly complete workflow tasks and track their progress from Microsoft Teams similarly to how they would with our Outlook Add-In. The option to pin the FireStart app in the sidebar also makes it so that you can re-access your workflow information anytime you need.

Be sure to download FireStart 2020.2 so that you don’t miss out on our exclusive package featuring this game changing Microsoft Teams Add-in in addition to editable tables, table controls and more workflow completion options that will allow your work to effortlessly flow.


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