FireStart @ OPEX Week 2020: Our Recap


FireStart launched the new year’s conference calendar in style at the Operational Excellence & Business Transformation World Summit 2020 in Orlando, Florida. The summit featured over 150 speakers, delivering over 125 practical sessions around five themes:

This was naturally a perfect environment to showcase FireStart’s powerful BPM platform and a great way to launch FireStart’s partnership with Celonis, with whom we delivered a workshop titled “Process Mining, Mapping and Automation: Deliver process excellence for a digitally transformed world.”

In addition to the sessions, roundtable discussions, and workshops, the attendees roamed the expo hall and learned about the latest technology powering digital transformation. As the only Business Process Management software that elegantly integrates intuitive process design, robust process management, and powerful process automation in one platform, FireStart caught the imagination of many digital transformation champions, from Fortune 500 companies to NGOs.

“The OPEX 2020 event clearly shows us that this is the prime time for digital transformation. Every company that wants to remain relevant in a constantly evolving competitive landscape needs to understand the best way to leverage the technologies present at this conference; and FireStart has clearly positioned itself as the leader of the pack by delivering powerful BPM application that is not only extremely powerful for process automation, but also very easy to use and scale,” noted Alexander Lerch, the CEO of Halvotec; an IT service provider with a focus on digital workplace solutions.

FireStart will continue showcasing at digital transformation events throughout the year, especially highlighting the way best-of-breed BPM solutions like FireStart provide a scalable, sustainable model for process improvement through integrated automation.

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