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FireStart Recaps 3 Days at SharePoint Fest Chicago

In July, FireStart went to SharePoint Fest as a Diamond Sponsor in Chicago over 3 jam-packed days, to talk to customers and other experts in the industry about the magic of process automation.

After over a year of lockdowns and travel restrictions, live events are finally being integrated back into daily life. Software enthusiasts from all over America, gathered in Chicago to experience a 3-day conference featuring over 130 interactive sessions and 25 workshops. Our FireStart experts, Anita Oakley, Peter Cardena, and Mathias Neururer joined the milieu to share insights on how process automation is transforming businesses across the globe.

Automation is helping businesses operate remotely

Process automation is proving to be the future of the workplace. According to McKinsey, automation will in the future boost productivity by 60% with humans needing to work alongside this technology to produce growth. In other words, the future will be a fusion of human oversight and creativity, with robot skills in order to produce value for companies. A successful fusion of humans and tech will mean that businesses can still produce results no matter where their teams are working from.

FireStart at SharePoint Fest Chicago

At the SharePoint Chicago conference, the focus was on the shift from office-based working environments to a hybrid-remote work-from-home solution. The shift to hybrid working started a conversation around the importance of interconnected IT systems that will help employees do their jobs effectively from wherever they are.

This interconnected ecosystem is becoming the driving force for any business and its people. One point we noticed was that Microsoft Teams was becoming an increasingly important topic among attendees, especially when teams want to collaborate remotely.

How is FireStart different from Power Automate?

At the SharePoint Fest conference, attendees were fascinated to learn more about how process automation could help them in several challenging areas. Our talented Sales Executive, Anita Oakley, shared how most attendees were curious about if FireStart had helped any companies in the US before. We currently have two US FireStart partners that are dedicated to helping companies transform digitally, ENOWA and CCS Group Limited. We plan to continue expanding into the US to help American-based companies perform as one!

Anita Oakley Speaking at SharePoint Fest

Another interesting question most attendees posed to us was, how does FireStart compare to Microsoft Power Automate? FireStart is unique in that we provide a solution that can easily integrate with a multitude of other services and platforms. We are a process automation ecosystem, connecting the dots between all your applications, platforms, humans, and software robots. You don’t need to abandon the other programs that you love like, UiPath, Celonis, or indeed Power Automate, to get the benefits of FireStart.

How is FireStart different from Power Automate? FireStart helps you maintain clear governance across all your automations. This is so important when it comes to end-to-end automations because thousands of individual automations can easily become convoluted and broken if they are not coordinated in a central repository. The other aspect is cost. Although Power Automate may now be free, there’s no guarantee this will continue to be the case in the future. For a long-term solution, FireStart will give you the control, governance, and neat overviews that will help scale and grow into the future.

Attendees loved the interface and offline functionality

Attendees dropping by our booth had a lot to say about FireStart’s unique features! Anita comments, “One attendee said that his key problem is that his existing systems don’t talk to each other.” This common pain point in business processes is easily solved with FireStart. We help to bridge the gaps that might be causing process delays or even data loss!

“One question that had an impact on me was a question about the huge culture shift that FireStart could potentially create through its implementation in a company,” FireStart’s Sales Executive Peter Cardena shares. The collaborative nature of FireStart, including live comment sharing and real-time data exchange, means that employees from all departments can now work together, instead of working in silos.

Peter Cardena Speaking at SharePoint Fest Chicago

Cloud solutions were even more hotly discussed. Peter talked to one attendee who felt that On-Prem software solutions no longer met his company’s dynamic needs, “One attendee was not satisfied with using desktop software. He frowned upon it and described it as becoming a hassle.” FireStart is evolving with the changing and shifting attitudes of users. We’re in development for a very special new iteration of FireStart, so stay tuned for an update soon!

We invited attendees to come by and try out FireStart for themselves. Attendees commented how user-friendly it was, with aesthetics that made it easy to navigate and create their ideal processes. At FireStart, we place huge importance on ease of use and accessibility. Our Process Management and Process Automation should be easy and effortless for anyone to use while having all the functions a team needs to accurately design and implement their process ecosystem.

Working offline is also a hurdle many process automation technologies face. One Microsoft MVP commented on the offline capabilities of FireStart, helping teams to store and save their changes even when they’re not connected to the internet. For remote and hybrid working, this ensures that no data is ever lost, especially when on the go.

One thing is for sure, with FireStart you don’t have to be a process genius to model and automate your processes. FireStart makes it easy to design processes and automate them in seconds with our drag and drop functionality. We even include Process Intelligence to improve existing processes based on real-time data, and the ability to integrate FireStart with an array of different systems like Microsoft 365, SAP, and Celonis.

Automate your processes with the right technology

As part of our attendance at SharePoint Fest Chicago, we presented two in-depth sessions about how iBPMS can be used in organizations. Our Solution Engineer, Mathias Neururer, explored how building enterprise workflows can be integrated with Microsoft applications like SharePoint, Outlook, and Teams.

Mathias Speaking at SharePoint Fest

FireStart as a process modeling tool is easy to visualize with the BPMN 2.0 modeling standard. Going further, creating references within the organizational role model, the basis for task deployment, can be done in seconds. Whatsmore, it’s easy for anyone to build standardized forms with a multitude of elements like text fields, date pickers, drop-down fields, and editable tables. Whether you need to create a form for employee requisition, HR onboarding, or purchase orders, FireStart can help bring that to life.

Task deploying is crucial for managing and automating tasks. With FireStart, it’s easy to send tasks through Outlook or Teams, to seamlessly transition between IT systems and people. One misconception is that process automation is too complex for organizations to realistically implement. With a straightforward easy-to-use tool like FireStart, the whole process is simplified, meaning that digital transformation can be done step-by-step with minimal hiccups.

Want to try FireStart for yourself?

A digital process ecosystem that stores all your tasks and automations can be a reality, try out FireStart free for 30 days. You can also get in touch with our US Sales Executive Peter Cardena by booking a demo.

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