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FireStart releases version 2020.2


FireStart Release 2020.2 is upon us, and it’s a good one folks. From a new App for Microsoft Teams, to Editable Tables and new Form Table Controls, we’re not just keeping FireStart cutting edge, but improving the experience of Business Process Management. Of course, in addition to some spiffy new features, we also implemented our new corporate design in certain areas as part of a long-term makeover for the FireStart iBPM Suite.

Teams App

Our long popular Outlook AddIn now has a sister: the FireStart App for Microsoft Teams! End-users can now complete FireStart workflow tasks from the comfort of their Teams environment, whether they use the desktop app or the browser version.

FireStart releases version 2020.2

Editable Tables

Have you ever wanted to empower your End Users to edit forms in FireStart tasks by changing form values where needed, or adding or deleting rows? Behold, the editable table, the newest form element. When configuring an editable table in a form, Management Users can determine how much power End Users have over the table. Can they edit, add, and delete records to and from the table, only edit and add, or simply edit any existing values?

Once received, End Users can then edit the table as configured and as needed for the task. Importantly, any values that a user edits, adds, or deletes will be updated in the source business entity dataset.

FireStart releases version 2020.2

Table Controls

Since we created the editable table form element, we also decided to rework table controls a bit. Note here that the new and improved table controls also apply to the selection table form element, not just to editable tables. So what’s new?

First, if you have any text, password, or Boolean field types in an editable form, they can all be edited inline without having to open the editing dialog. Moreover, to better accommodate our growing international customer and partner base, we’ve added localization to number and date & time fields. This means that decimal points, for example, as well as date and time formats will correspond to your language settings.

And finally, attachment fields have gotten a particular upgrade. Attached files are displayed in the table attachments column with an icon, the file size, and a clickable filename allowing you to open or download the file directly from the form. Users with an editable table can, of course, upload or remove attachments as needed.

FireStart releases version 2020.2

Workflow Completion Options

Prior to release 2020.2, you could configure what happens to a workflow execution after it has run to completion. Would it remain in the finished tab of the workflow repository? Or automatically have them moved to the recycle bin tab or permanently deleted? Don’t worry, all of that functionality still remains, but we’ve added the ability to configure an execution delay field.

For example, if you input an execution delay of 3 days and choose the completion action ‘Recycle Bin’ then your workflow execution will remain in the Finished tab for 3 days. Once 3 days have elapsed, the execution will automatically move from the Finished tab to the Recycle Bin tab. Ultimately, this helps you maintain an orderly and organized workflow repository so that you can find the most relevant workflow executions quickly and easily.

FireStart releases version 2020.2

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