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The Benefits of FireStart's new Microsoft Teams Add-In


Since 2017, Microsoft Teams has been the go-to app for all things teamwork. From facilitating remote meetings to handling communal files, Microsoft Teams endlessly encourages colleagues to join forces and share ideas no matter where they are. That’s why we are prioritizing the adoptation of this new feature that will propel your business towards seamless workflow collaboration.


Available as both a desktop app and a browser version, the FireStart app for Microsoft Teams now gives users the freedom to complete workflow tasks not just anywhere but also anytime. The Teams Add-in allows for easy access to FireStart without ever leaving your Teams application. You can now complete and execute tasks from the comfort of the Microsoft Teams app without needing to do so via rich client or the process portal.


With this new feature, you can now view, edit and complete all your tasks directly in Teams to stay efficient and minimize the need to switch between different programs. Get all the needed data to complete manual tasks or make decisions by receiving pre-configured FireStart workflow forms and return the appropriate data to keep the work flowing. If needed, you can even escalate sensitive tasks to superiors, or reroute tasks to the appropriate responsible.


Just like in the process portal, you can easily organize your task list with the use of filters or look for specific forms with a simple search bar so you are never wasting time. Along with this, you can view a live progress bar that shows the status of the workflow execution and keeps you updated. If your organization has multiple FireStart servers, you can see which user and server you are connected to and you can easily switch between them in case you have tasks from multiple servers. In addition, you can pin the FireStart app in the sidebar so that you can re-access your workflow information anytime.

With this new Teams Add-in feature, you can stay efficient and keep your desktop less crowded by staying in your native apps while completing workflows simultaneously. So be sure to download the latest version of FireStart and check out new Teams Add-in.


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