HFS Research Names FireStart as Hot Vendor

HFS Research

HFS Research has named FireStart as a Hot Vendor in their HFS Hot Vendors Q2 2020 report. The report details how well vendors can fill the process automation gaps from end-to-end, known as the HFS OneOffice framework.

We are proud to announce that FireStart was mentioned as a Hot Vendor by one of the most prestigious analyst firms in the world, HFS Research. The HFS Hot Vendors are an exclusive group of emerging players with a differentiated value proposition for the Digital OneOffice. As one of the leaders in iBPMS and process automation vendors, FireStart is proving that a low code, easy-to-implement platform that is able to fuse fractured processes between people, applications, and RPA robots, is the future of process management.

The Digital OneOffice is a framework for organizations that have fully embraced digital business models, ensuring that all barriers between front and back offices no longer exist. According to the HFS Hot Vendors report, Hot Vendors possess the vision and strategy to impact and disrupt the market in a unique capacity.

That’s what makes FireStart unique – the platform itself is built to manage complexity while providing a simple user experience and governance across the enterprise process landscape. As a result, people are more empowered in their roles when tech and humans can work together.

What HFS Research Says About FireStart

Organizations with thousands of applications and fragmented processes face an uphill battle when it comes to digital transformation and scaling. The lack of involvement, or even late involvement, of the IT department, presents unique challenges when businesses want to automate, manage and improve their processes digitally.

HFS Research sees FireStart as solving this problem with its model-based approach to intelligent process automation – aligning with HFS’s view of complete integrated automation. Integration is important because it assists businesses in ridding themselves of process debt, which according to Springer may have short-term benefits, but generates a negative impact long term. The HFS research supports our belief that process management must have a holistic, methodical approach to build long-term, sustainable organizations.

The collaboration between IT departments and business-focused departments is also part of our core mission. This approach to iBPMS breaks down silos within organizations to empower better communication, helping businesses to achieve their goals. Greater collaboration assists organizations to scale in a sustainable way, with FireStart supporting to easily handle complicated workflows, and the ability for customers to suggest new features on the roadmap. 

Providing an end-to-end process ecosystem has been a journey for us at FireStart. Over the past 13 years, we have worked hard to deliver a product that both simple to use and highly collaborative. The low code approach has helped us deliver this platform to hundreds of customers around the world so our clients can reach their business goals without the headache of unstructured processes.

Our goal for the future is to remain innovative and disruptive within the industry – helping our clients to reach their greatest potential and scale for success. To read more about how we’re doing this, view and download the HFS report in full.

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