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Automate processes end-to-end while still maintaining clear governance with FireStart.

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FireStart is an all-in-one process automation ecosystem that digitally transforms your workflows.

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Stop Letting Process Problems Hold You Down

Inefficient Processes

Stop letting inefficient processes cap your organization’s potential. FireStart helps you to improve ROI and time to value by enhancing processes, allowing your team to work seamlessly, to get more done in less time.

Digital Transformation Pressure

It can be difficult to transition from manual to digital processes but don’t worry, FireStart has your back. Grow and expand your company to ensure efficient, error-free work so you can strategize like never before.

Silo Working

Don’t let silo working impact your company’s efficiency any longer. FireStart makes it possible to work more collaboratively, storing everything in one centralized repository for easy access.

With FireStart You Can

    • Orchestrate your processes end-to-end, empowering people and technology to perform as one
    • Utilize low code solutions so anyone can build digital processes
    • Collaborate company-wide by storing all information in a central repository
    • Integrate FireStart with all third party applications and IT systems
    • Scale to new heights with an enterprise digital transformation

Orchestrate Your Process

FireStart Process Management Process Maps

Process Management

Manage your processes in one centralized hub. 


Process Automation

Automate your processes for extraordinary efficiency. 


Process Intelligence

Track real-time performance and analyze process data. 

Free Trial Benefits

Reduce Costs

Drive savings and reduce expenditure with automation. Employees spend less time on manual, repetitive tasks and more time on creative, decision-making tasks. 

Improve Agility

Respond to market opportunities faster with agile, automated processes. Increased agility means more room to scale, and better decision-making within the organization. 

Boost Productivity

Automation assists employees by taking the pressure off high workloads, leaving more room for tasks that matter. Employees have more motivation and are more productive, leading to more innovation. 

Our Trusted Partners

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See Our Customer Success

Manufacturing industry leader, Lenze, optimized their product portfolio to lower cost and have better synergy between humans and software robots.
Aeronautics leader, Test-Fuchs, coordinated their global company by automating their processes, increasing visibility to speed up process cycles.
Independent software manufacturer, COPA-DATA, optimized their process ecosystem with automation to future-proof the organization and aid their worldwide operations.
Wien Energie, the largest regional energy provider in Austria, has used FireStart for the past 11 years to improve its process ecosystem.
Manner, a renowned Austrian confectionary company, strengthened their standardized processes and risk management system with FireStart.


The SGS Group, a world-leading testing, inspection, and certification company, optimized its process ecosystem for a competitive advantage.


The Austrian Economic Chamber (WKO), decided to digitize key aspects of their process ecosystem to reduce lead time.


KTM AG, an Austrian motorcycle and sports car manufacturer, chose to implement a paperless approach to reduce lead time and retain all records digitally.
Ekey, a global security innovator, digitized their workflows for remote success. 

Free Trial

Let´s perform as one

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    Process Management


    Central Process Repository​​

    Empower your process owners and managers to connect the dots between all organizational units and create a single source of truth.


    Visual Process Mapping​

    Design and map your processes in a visual, user friendly and intuitive way, with real time layouting and validation support.

    Responsive Process Portal ​

    Manage your processes in personalized dashboards, share your processes and collect feedback form process participants.

    Staging and Version Control

    Stage major and minor versions, compare the version history in change sets and manage approval workflows.

    Multi Language Support

    Translate and publish your process models and artifacts in over 50+ languages with auto translate functionality and translation tables.

    BPMN Export and Import

    Import and export process model in standardized .bpmn file formats between different software vendors and avoid vendor lock-in effects.

    Process Automation

    Data Modeling and Mapping Wizard

    Connect your line-of-business applications and data sources in order to process your data during workflow execution.


    Low Code Workflow Configuration

    Amp up the power of your citizen developers to configure pre-built workflow activities with low code configuration wizards.


    Smart Form Builder

    Design your forms in a user and task-optimized way with a drag-and-drop forms designer.

    Pre-Built Activity Sets

    Extend your workflow engine any time with new activities to tackle specific automation requirements in your end-to-end workflows.

    RPA Integration

    Trigger RPA robots via workflows and manage the task automation between people and robots without losing the overall process governance.

    Business Activity Monitoring

    Export completed workflow logs from the workflow engine for archiving, compliance or analytical purpose.

    Process Intelligence


    Reporting and Dashboards

    Generate customized reports and personalized dashboards to visualize KPIs and gather business process insights and unlock performance improvements.

    Cost Matrix Analysis

    Plan and visualize costs, resources and cycle times in your process models and quickly spot potential areas for efficiency improvement and cost optimization potential.

    Advanced Task Routing

    Implement dynamic task routing and escalation management routines that covers your workflow when things go wrong to keep your processes up and running.

    BI / Process Mining Integration

    Connect your third party BI or Process Mining platform with FireStart and further improve for business process excellence.

    Event / Workflow Activity SDK

    Build your own workflow activities, trigger events and configuration wizards with our activity software development kid and templates.

    AI and OCR Integration

    Integrate AI and OCR services in your workflow designed to make your end-to-end solutions smart, predictable and resilient.