Meet FireStart's New VP Revenue, Daniel Rein

FireStart is growing faster than ever before, so we needed to ensure that our sales, marketing, and partner departments had the best leadership to take us to new heights. We are delighted to introduce our new VP Revenue, Daniel Rein.

At FireStart, the revenue teams have grown and expanded in the past few years. Now, the teams are settled and we have found our rhythm. As an organization, this was a huge step. To continue down this successful path, we need a leader that will continue to light our way in this prosperous new direction.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our new FireStart VP of Revenue, Daniel Rein. Originally from Lithuania, Daniel is as enthusiastic as we are to bring even more synergy to the team. For the past five years, Daniel was the Head of Support, Alliances Enablement Director, and Sales Director at automation company Kryon. His previous success and ability to wear multiple professional hats give him a unique insight into what drives our industry.

Daniel aims to make FireStart a world-renowned process automation brand. To reach this goal, he will be working closely with the leadership team to build up an efficient SaaS Strategy, so we can scale faster. Daniel is an essential part of linking up the many customer-facing teams, so all revenue teams can work effectively towards one common goal. A planner at heart, he will enable us to approach all revenue projects with a strategic eye.

I live by the motto that life is all about people. People working together to achieve something extraordinary.

Daniel Rein, FireStart VP Revenue

A global citizen, Daniel started off in Vilnius, Lithuania, before moving to Israel at age 5. The experience to work in an international city has been a great experience for him both personally and professionally, “To experience a different culture and place was amazing. Personal growth comes from overcoming challenges and living abroad is a challenge!” Daniel’s love of challenges means he’s now swapped countries again, coming to live and work in Vienna, Austria to support the FireStart Revenue Team.

Q. What are you most proud of in your career so far?

A. Each new role that I’ve undertaken so far, even if I came from a less experienced background for that role, I learned fast wasn’t afraid to jump in the deep water, and learn how to swim without drowning.

Pop Quiz

Get to know Daniel in the quick questions below.

Q. What are you most looking forward to at FireStart?

A. Working with my team and helping them achieve success!

Q. What brings you the most joy?

A. Seeing people inspired and working together for the same purpose.

Q. How do you simplify your day to focus on what matters most?

A. I create a schedule for each day the night before by the priorities of previous days (I also include my personal time in there). I try to do one task at a time without distraction, really trying to be present and aware in the moment; it’s so easy to get distracted these days!

Q. How do you find balance in your life?

A. My method of balance is to start my day with something for me, like working out, or riding, anything that’s about myself. At the end of the day, I try to focus on my family and give them the most attention possible while I’m home.

Want to Join the FireStart Team?

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