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Allow us to introduce: Ben Epstein, Vice President of Growth and Revenue at FireStart

Collaborating on something ambitious and actively shaping digital change: here at FireStart we’ve followed this credo for over 10 years now. To drive digital change ever further, you need team members who are passionate about what they do. Enter Ben Epstein – Global Vice President of Growth and Revenue at FireStart since April 2020.

I came to FireStart because of the product, the team, and the opportunity: the product is a leader in a sector that will be the future of the workplace. The team is outstanding, and I look forward to driving the international expansion of this cutting-edge technology.

Ben Epstein, Global Vice President of Growth and Revenue at FireStart

Due to COIVD-19, Ben Epstein chose an interesting time to join our team. But this worldwide crisis has already shown him the value of our platform: confronted with ‘work from home’ policies, companies are forced to think about their digitalization strategies in general, as well as the management of their business processes in particular. Ben wants to help them with his expertise.

Vienna calling – from London, Tokyo, Washington DC and New York to FireStart and Vienna

Ben Epstein was born and raised in London, graduated from the London School of Economics with a First Class Honours BSc in Government & Economics and received his MSc in Real Estate Development from Columbia University in New York. And he’s had a stellar career to date:

Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and Citibank – Ben Epstein spent 8 years working for the biggest financial players and was responsible for capital markets as Vice President in London and Tokyo. Real money institutions and advising sophisticated hedge funds was part of his day-to-day and fostered his professional development: he started in Asian Equities Sales & Trading and later specialized in fixed income and macro derivatives. What’s more, Ben Epstein is by no means a stranger to fintech and startups. His path took him to Washington DC and New York to join Munich Re’s start-up department, where he was instrumental in building a weather derivatives platform.

Ultimately, Ben was drawn back across the Atlantic – to Vienna to be precise. In Vienna he was responsible for international projects at Blue Minds as Senior Vice President under Eveline Steinberger-Kern and former Chancellor Christian Kern. We are delighted that Ben Epstein is now part of FireStart.

As Keen as Mustard – Ben Epstein Joins FireStart as Global Vice President of Growth and Revenue

As Global Vice President of Growth and Revenue since April 2020, Ben Epstein is responsible for leading our global expansion and sales efforts, however, with a particular focus on the UK and US. This position is tailor-made for Ben, seeing as he not only has the requisite experience, but has also lived in both countries. As Global Vice President of Growth and Revenue, Ben is now responsible for all commercial activities, including sales and closing, deal management, client relationship management, presentations and exhibitions, contracting, licensing, and sales process training. His main focus though, will be on managing and increasing revenue.

Welcome to the team, Ben!

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