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Webinar: Digital Transformation – How BPM can Change Everything

Digital transformation is not just implementing workflows or getting as many robots as you can. This session shows you how the FireStart BPM Platform can help to manage, execute and improve everything that matters to your organization’s success. 

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Digital Transformation – How BPM can Change Everything
Roy Bruhn, Business Development
Date and time
Wednesday 27 November
10:00 – 11:00 (GMT)


Technology is often seen as the main driver for change, but business process management (BPM) is where people and processes come into the picture. Digital transformation needs thought and strategy in order to be successful. That does not mean years of planning and implementing. FireStart enables a lean BPM implementation that grows and adapts with the needs of your organization.

A modern BPM platform allows you to think beyond the latest technological trends and isolated solutions. This session shows you how FireStart can help align your strategic goals with your processes, people and technology – and improve all things that matter most to your organization’s success.

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