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FireStart 4.0 - Out Now!

We are delighted that FireStart BPM Suite Version 4.0 is officially available from November 1 2017. As well as a complete revamp of FireStart’s look & feel for the new version, numerous new functions have been implemented to aid process and workflow management. A brief outline of the key updates follows:

New FireStart Look&Feel

The new FireStart CI once again improves user experience and process visualization. Linked objects such as documents or IT systems can now be positioned freely and allocated using drag & drop. The standard look & feel of the process portal has also been optimized.

FireStart BPM Swimlanes

New Form Functions

New functions and controls have been added to the form editor. The new Filepicker makes it simple to upload and edit documents within forms – improving user experience for document management and release. In addition, the new Peoplepicker allows for easy search and selection of user groups and individuals in your “active” directory.

Personalized Dashboards in the Process Portal

The start site in the process portal can now be resized and arranged to suit you. Just drag & drop the widgets to your preferred location and adjust their size by dragging the mouse button.

Better Feedback Management

Improvements in the feedback management module make it simpler for process managers to access user feedback saved in the process portal. This means that feedback can be smoothly incorporated into the process model and communication with the users is facilitated.

FireStart Feedback Management

There are also lots of improvements to FireStart BPM, including new connectors and workflow activities, better mobile access using responsive design, improved Office 365 integration, and batch releases of tasks along with a delegation function.

We will be happy to introduce the new version to you in a personal webinar – simply request a demo from us.

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