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FireStart & corner4: The Future of Digital Quality Management in Healthcare

An Article by Naana Bodomo

Did you know that the average doctor only spends a quarter of their time treating patients? The rest is dedicated to one single task that also happens to be the lifeline of every healthcare organization – documentation. 

From a patient’s personal details to their entire medical history, documents are vital for enabling healthcare delivery and for keeping medical institutions running. But what happens in chaotic situations, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, when it becomes a struggle to maintain the quality of healthcare documents? Well you’re in luck – FireStart and corner4 have teamed up to create the best quality management solution to ensure that your healthcare documents are always accurate, authentic and accessible no matter what the situation 

Why FireStart and corner4 are a dream team

FireStart’s low-code iBPM suite offers premium yet easy to use process modelling tools. This creates the ideal kick off point for a document’s quality management journey and enables a smooth entry point into corner4’s application. On the other hand, corner4 provides simple and efficient document steering support with its quality management system quality4quality4 is the SharePoint solution from corner4 that helps you guide documents through an audit and approval process so that audited documents can always be at the right place at the right time.  

How FireStart and corner4 create Quality Management magic 

So how do these two platforms work together in practice? It’s really quite simple. First and foremost, FireStart models and maps out the process steps for the entirety of the document’s lifespan.  With FireStart’s process modelling applications, even complex processes can be displayed in the simplest ways. This is made possible through drag & drop tools, line suggestions and a variety of other options on the menu. After these beginning stages, FireStart’s process map then links the document to quality4 for approvalquality4 provides one or two-step approval options which further tighten the security of the internal processes. Additionally, documents are regularly retrieved to ensure that their content is always valid and up-to-dateWhether it be forms, templates, guidelines or even diagnostic reports, important documents are always just a click away.  

 The Ultimate Alliance 

By joining forces, FireStart and corner4 have created the ultimate technical solution for process planning and quality management. This intuitive, user-friendly solution takes care of your documents for you so that you can devote more time to your patientsSo why not try out the FireStart iBPM Suite and quality4 at your healthcare institution today?  




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