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FireStart @ ESPC19: Our Recap

An article by Sean Hickey

What an event! The 2019 European SharePoint Conference (ESPC19) in Prague was last week and it was something special. Before the recap, we’d like to extend a massive thank you to the hard-working organizers of this conference. The event was a success thanks largely to their planning and support before, during, and after the conference. They were poised and professional during the event and approached issues both big and small with a solution-oriented mindset. This event truly benefitted from the great people who came together to make it happen.

As this year’s Diamond Sponsor for ESPC19, we were situated in the middle of the exhibition floor in a manner that was a fantastic metaphor for how FireStart can fit into your business and IT ecosystem. Fanning out from our central position were booths of other vendors, offering their own innovative solutions that work with SharePoint in order to optimize a variety of common workplace tasks and activities. Connecting these booths were paths and stairs, to allow attendees to easily flow from one booth to the next or find their way to a different floor.

Like our position on the expo floor, FireStart’s BPM Platform is also a centralizing power within your organization, connecting your IT Systems, business processes, and, most importantly, your people to one another and ensuring that your organization is aligned to your strategic goals. In much the same way that the exhibition floor connected a diverse array of vendors with paths, our BPM solution can integrate with your existing on-prem or cloud systems and maps your systems (whether it be a CRM, ERP, or other database) to your processes to enable intelligent automation. Because of our own workflow engine, we can exist separate from SharePoint, but, of course, we also work extremely well with SharePoint and within the larger Office 365 environment. Indeed, many of the other software vendors at ESPC19 were familiar faces to us as they are existing partners of ours. We like to work together with others to present unified solutions that ultimately make your business processes smoother and your lives easier.

While our booth personnel were diving deep into the world of Business Process Automation, much of our team took the chance to hear from experts on topics ranging from ‘The Intelligent Intranet’ to ‘Modern Collaboration’ all the way to how to ‘Ignite Your Potential.’ The selection of speakers and session topics at this year’s conference represented the future of this industry. In particular, the workshop on ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ spoke to the ever-growing reach of software services and how to include more voices and more backgrounds. After all, the more perspectives we have in the room, the higher the chance that we’ll find an innovative solution to a tricky problem. What are we, if not a community of problem-solvers and innovative thinkers?

Problem solving is, in fact, the primary reason attendees stopped by our booth for a chat and demo. People recognize the need for an intelligent BPA solution, and they recognize the ability of FireStart to help them. Our booth personnel were consistently engaged in discussions that often started general, but quickly narrowed to how FireStart can solve complicated process issues specific to their organization. This was exciting. The atmosphere and energy at ESPC19 allowed us to do what we at FireStart do best: connect with likeminded folks.

Whether on the exhibition floor, in our chill-out area, or at the ESPC19 party Wednesday night, we relished the ability to simply engage with others and get to know our community better. But the ESPC Party wasn’t the only place to be. On Tuesday night we, along with our partners dox42, Advellence and Omnia, hosted a party and invited interested conference goers who stopped by our booths earlier in the day. Our favorite Lego Rocket was awarded as a prize for the party games we played, along with other prizes from our partners. It was particularly nice to work with our partners in a capacity different from our normal collaboration. Party planning can be a lot of work, but together we made it happen.

ESPC19 rounded out the year for us at FireStart and we’re glad to have played such a central role in this year’s event. As we looked out over the Prague skyline on the final day of the conference, our minds drifted forward in time to ESPC20, where will this event take us next?

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