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Happy Birthday FireStart

10 years of innovation, blood, sweat and fun!

It’s now exactly a decade ago, since we started this incredible journey. 10 years in the enterprise software business is a long time. For those of you who are new to FireStart, and for all of you who love a good retrospective, we have summarized some of our most memorable moments. We hope you enjoy reading this walk down memory lane as much as we enjoyed writing it.

2008 – First FireStart Prototype and Founding Team

Even if it’s hard to believe today, the first prototype of FireStart, already looked amazing back then. When you look at old pictures of yourself being a teenager, you’ll know what we’re talking about ;-).

FireStart presents its first prototype in 2008.

2009 - First Generation Launch Event in Vienna

We released the official 1.0 version of FireStart at an amazing event in Vienna in October 2009 together with our first partner, OeKB business services. Our lead software developer almost had a nervous breakdown, since he had to compile the whole source code behind the scene, 10 minutes before the start of the live demo.

FireStart version 1.0 is released in October 2009.

2010 - Customers and Partners Get Movin’

As we started to build our partner and customer base, (most of our very first customers are still customers today!), we also expanded our team. As an added bonus, we got new T-Shirts (yeah!). Some of our partners took it too seriously when we told them to follow our corporate identity ;-).

FireStart starts to build its partner and customer base.

2011 - Raiffeisen and Upper Austrian Hightechfonds Join as Investors

To further expand into European markets, the Raiffeisen KMU Beteiligungs AG and the Upper Austrian Hightechfonds joined the team as our new investors. The new funds allowed us to grow the team further, develop the next generation of FireStart, and expand into new markets. Our investors have always been great supporters of FireStart and helped us to become an international player in the BPM market.

In 2011 Raiffeisen and Upper Austrian Hightechfonds join as investors.

2012 - Second Generation of FireStart, First Victory at BPM Toolmasters

We released the second generation of FireStart, which was well received by the BPM community. FireStart provided a consistent lifecycle between process modelling and workflow automation features for the very first time. These unique characteristics led to the first victory at the BPM Toolmasters, the largest BPM tool competition in the DACH region.

The second generation of FireStart is released and we win at the BPM Toolmasters for the first time.

2013 - Journey to the DACH Region

Equipped with new T-shirts we started to expand our business operations to Germany and Switzerland. It was an amazing experience to present FireStart outside of our Austrian home base, and we want to thank all our customers and partners from Germany and Switzerland for their great support (especially during the exciting first few years).

FireStart expands its business operations to Germany and Switzerland.

2014 - Leader in the Fraunhofer BPM Suites Market Study

We decided to participate in the first tool study with other international BPM vendors and guess what- we were placed in the leading quadrant right from the start ;-). This result was a very positive feedback for our development team; for all the love and hard work we put into the product. And it motivated us to become even better.

FireStart is the leader in the Fraunhofer BPM Suites Market Study.

2015 - Third Generation, Winning Swarovski as a Customer

Although we have so many great customers, the moment Swarovski signed our licensing agreement was a very special one. Our partner Atos took a picture with the team at Swarovski and sent it to us. The funny story behind the picture: The contract approval workflow was already implemented as a FireStart workflow. When was the last time you saw smiling faces at the signing of a software contract?

The third generation of FireStart is released and Swarovski becomes a FireStart customer.

2016 - Microsoft Partner of the Year Award, Start North America

Winning the Microsoft Partner of the Year award was a great moment, underlining the strong alliance and great relationship with Microsoft. Meeting Satya Nadella in person was a special moment that we like to think back to. Starting our operations with headquarters in New York led us to very exotic places, like Bermuda. Clearly, it didn’t take long to find a BPM project manager willing to go there to train our new partners  ;-).

FireStart is awarded Microsoft Partner of the Year and starts its business in North America.

2017 - Start Business Development in APAC and Fourth Victory in a Row at BPM Toolmasters

We participated in more than 30 events all around the globe and started our operations in Beijing, China. We won the BPM Toolmasters for the fourth time in a row and emphasized our consistent strive for excellence and innovation. We did not want to become just another BPM vendor. So we continued following our own path: To raise BPM market standards to a new level.

FireStart starts Business Development in APAC and wins the BPM Toolmasters for the fourth time in a row.

2018 - Rebranding for FireStart

The final step for our global success was the rebranding of FireStart. In this new style, we released the fourth generation of the product, which is now used around the world in many different languages, use cases and industries. We’re glad to be part of the digital business transformation, helping our customers build the business processes of the future.

In 2018 we did a rebranding of our corporate identity and took on the name FireStart.

For now, nobody can tell for sure what the future holds. But it’s safe to say, it will always be better than the past, as long as we

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish


Stay hungry, stay foolish.

Happy Birthday FireStart!

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