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How to make BPM instant?

An article by Roy Bruhn

When trying to improve, it feels natural to focus on doing more in a shorter timeframe. We live in an increasingly instant world. Apart from coffee maybe, for almost every area of our lives “instant” is the new normal: instant entertainment, instant delivery, instant deployment, …

While RPA/DPA, workflow automation and the rise of AI can and do give answers to “how to do it”, they might not be very good with answering the “why”. As a consequence, we could end up doing things faster, that shouldn’t be done in the first place. Being more efficient does not equal being more effective.

Do BPM right

Therefore, we do Business Process Management (BPM) and we want to do it right. Modern BPM platforms should make BPM easy to access, to use, to share and encourage to collaborate. And not only for technical savvy employees, but for everyone in the business, who needs to draw, use, execute, communicate and govern processes.

Getting feedback on processes, being able to do changes on the fly, having robust approval capabilities and built-in version management, all that can make using and interacting with a BPM platform very effective while being intuitive and fun.

Working with a modern user interface and being able to easily integrate systems that the end-users are already used to (like Outlook and SharePoint) does not only enhance the user experience but with increased user acceptance and interaction result in more effective outcomes of any process improvement activity.

Bring on the automation

Once the business processes are out in the open, continuous improvement becomes part of the working culture. Process documentation is always at your fingertips, ready to be viewed, commented and optimized by anyone who wants or needs to.

Now we are ready for effective automation, following the same path of transparency and interaction. If the “why” is clear, the “how” becomes a breeze.

Automated workflows and every instance of it do not belong in a black box but should be made as accessible as any other information. Agile behaviours like collaboration, pulling information and individual empowerment do not need to stop with workflow automation.

Beyond workflows

Modern BMP software should put the user back into the driving seat and allow the level of visibility, flexibility and scalability as the business requires. This is making BPM instant, and this is far beyond just doing workflows.

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