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New APAC Customer CFG Barco

Beijing, 7th Apr 2017 – FireStart APAC receives an order from CFG-Barco to provide a FireStart BPM Suite based OA Solution at its manufacturing base in north suburb of Beijing. The target is to replace the old OA with state-of-the-art BPMS and a modern intranet portal to support collaboration among co-workers, boost productivity and increase agility.

CFG-Barco (Beijing) Electronics Co., Ltd. (‘CFG-Barco’) is a joint venture among Barco Visual (Beijing) Electronics Co. Ltd, Barco China (Holding) Co., Ltd and China Film Equipment Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of China Film Group. Drawing on Barco’s world-class technological advances and level of service, CFG-Barco provides customers with localized, premium products and services, thus strengthening Barco’s leadership in China’s digital cinema market.

FireStart News CFG Barco

The award-wining FireStart BPM Suite with its components Business Process Modelling, Workflow Automation and Process Optimization will support CFG-BARCO to model and automate HR, IT Management, Operation, and FICO Processes in the phase I. The extension of the solution to integrate with an envisaged SAP and include other processes is considered from beginning.

With its own software products,FireStart APAC develops and integrates complete SharePoint and FireStart based solutions for customers across the APAC region.

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