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Webinar: Collaborative Process and Workflow Management With Kan.Bo and FireStart

In a joint webinar, Kan.Bo and FireStart will demonstrate how you can plan and implement processes more effectively using collaborative workflow and process management. The webinar takes place on Friday, July 21, 2017 at 4:00pm CET / 10:00am UTC (duration: 60 minutes).

Process and workflow management made easy – this is the driving idea of the Kan.Bo and FireStart partnership. During the webinar, we will demonstrate two real world scenarios showing off the value natural agility in Kan.Bo’s digital Kanban Board perfectly combined with sophisticated workflows of the FireStart BPM Suite:


Use Case 1

Workflow Management Using Kan.Bo and FireStart

Business processes are complex and keeping all process participants on the same page is a tough problem to solve especially if it comes to long running workflows. The seamless integration of FireStart that controls the workflow and Kan.Bo, which visualizes and enables collaboration around it, is truly a unique approach to reduce the handling of complex business processes without losing its depth. The Webinar will demonstrate how you can use FireStart to control your workflow execution, while receiving regular status updates, collaborate with other users, and get process-related insights on your Kanban Board in real time.

Use Case 2

From Collaborative “Process Shaping” to a Functional Process Model

Creating a detailed process model often requires a great deal of time and resources to reach the final version. In the webinar, you will learn about a collaborative way of “process shaping” using Kan.Bo. Once the process shape is stable will be automatically transferred to FireStart BPM. There you can carry out fine-grained modelling of this process so it becomes an executable workflow. Be the first to take advantage of this unique approach to develop your business process collaboratively.

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