Birdday IT
Birdday IT is an O365/SharePoint consulting company with headquarters in Brussels. Birdday's experienced consultants support customers in software projects as well as in process management and workflow automation

Your experienced SharePoint & O365 consultants - based in Belgium, at home throughout Europe

Birdday IT is an O365/SharePoint consulting company with headquarters in Brussels. Birdday believes that its consultants should know a market inside and out in order to provide their clients with the best possible advice. Therefore the company only works with local consultants. The core competence of Birdday is customer consulting. Should a project therefore require exceptionally high development costs, Birdday relies on the expertise of external partners.

Birdday IT plays a pioneering role in the development of document management systems and complex business processes/workflows for large companies. Dynamic migration is also one of its main focuses. So for the implementation of complex business processes or workflows, the combination of Birdday IT and FireStart is your ace up your sleeve.

But Birdday IT is not only a good partner for process management projects with FireStart. The company also has other excellent products such as Fusion and CardioLog Analytics in its portfolio. The following services are also offered: Custom SharePoint/Teams/PowerBI/PowerApps development, on-site consulting, remote consulting, managed services, customer helpdesk solutions, and training.

Birdday IT is an O365/SharePoint consultancy, with headquarters in Brussels. They can deliver all kind of consultancy, development, business processes, workflows, (managed) services etc. in multiple European countries by experienced local consultants.

Theo de Groot, CEO & Corporate Architect

Birdday IT

Brussels, Belgium


Products / Technologies

  • Custom SharePoint/Teams/PowerBI/PowerApps development
  • On-site consultancy
  • Remote consultancy
  • Managed services
  • Customer helpdesk solutions
  • Education


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