Blackberry & Cross
The partnership of Blackberry & Cross and FireStart combines the mission of continously improving daily business activities and business performance.

Innovation for Improvement

Founded in 2004 in San José, Costa Rica, Blackberry & Cross supports companies and individuals all over Latin America. Apart from Costa Rica, Blackberry & Cross has customers in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic. The company designs and delivers training and software in field of LEAN-Six Sigma, Statistical Analysis, Risk, Simulation, and Continuous Improvement.

Blackberry & Cross provides STEM+B solutions for a continuous improvement of business performance . STEM means Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The +B has been added to express the practical approach to help companies improve.


Blackberry & Cross mission is to blend a powerful combination of knowledge, technology and learning in order to help companies and individuals. For this purpose they continously design and distribute different products and services, including scientific and business software, training and mentoring Services as well as e-learning and publications.


Blackberry & Cross

San José, Costa Rica

Software Development & Distribution, E-Learning

Products / Technologies

  • Software
  • E-Learning
  • Training


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