As a leading expert for analytics and software development, cubido develops customized software solutions for customers of all sizes and industries to create a solid foundation for business decisions.

Expert for Business Intelligence

Cubido’s team is composed of around 40 competent, experienced and imaginative individuals based in Leonding. As a reliable and experienced partner, they support their customers in the areas of analytics and software development through individual consulting, analysis, conception, implementation, practical training and competent, ongoing support.

Cubido ensures that the right data is available in the right place and at the right time. This makes it possible to optimize business models, make precise business decisions and achieve enormous cost savings. Cubido’s projects and customers are as different and diverse as their sectors. Therefore, their team of experts works to develop individual, tailor-made solutions for customers of all sizes and sectors. Cubido values simple, intuitive, ergonomic and integrated solutions.


Experts in the field of analytics:

Systemic collection, analysis, processing and presentation of your data for optimal operational and strategic decisions. Analytics should be seen as an umbrella term that includes various methods such as predictive analytics, data mining, big data analytics or location intelligence, which make it possible to predict future, probable effects. This, in turn, makes it easier to optimize business processes, increase productivity and gain decisive competitive advantages. Cubido’s experts support you throughout the analytics project, from data collection, integration and data quality, to comprehensive and targeted analysis using data mining, predictive analytics or machine learning, to visualizing your results via dashboarding, information design and embedded BI.

Experts in the field of development:

Since most standard solutions are no more than a compromise, Cubido’s experts will develop individual solutions for you according to your needs. Proven standard components are supplemented with project-specific functions. The solution is optimally adapted to your business process. The experts always pay attention to a high level of user-friendliness as well as a seamless connection to other existing systems such as SAP, Navision, etc. Cubido supports you throughout the entire project process from free consultation to comprehensive support. Together, you analyze the actual situation, create a specification, introduce a prototype, and develop an application. In this process, the focus always is on easy, intuitive usability of the provided solutions. With increasing digitization, mobile solutions are becoming increasingly important. For this reason, Cubido’s app specialists develop mobile business solutions based on Windows, iOS and Android.


The partnership with FireStart helps us to provide perfect support in workflow and process management to our customers. The extraordinary good Outlook integration allows users to work on processes and forms directly within their email program which avoids a switch of tools to a web interface. This relieves the workflow and fits to our demand to measure our success on the customers’ benefit and the best optimization of business processes. This is why FireStart completes our existing service portfolio perfectly.

Wolfgang Ennikl, CEO cubido

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Leonding, Austria


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