HATAHET productivity solutions
As your experienced partner, HATAHET advises you at the corporate strategy level and together we develop the ideal pathway for you to become a digital workplace of the future.

Digital workplace dreams come true!

Our partners at HATAHET Productivity Solutions are the experts when it comes to the digital workplaces of the future. Whether you require solutions, products or strategic consulting services – with HATAHET you are in good hands. And now we’d like to give our partners the opportunity to introduce themselves to you:

We are a prestigious IT consulting company with a focus on supporting the growth of your company by implementing digital workplace solutions that increase productivity. We rely on a range of technology, including bots and artificial intelligence.

Our goals are aligned with our passion: We always strive to provide our clients with optimal strategic advice and the best solutions and products on the market. These uncompromising quality standards have ensured our success for more than 10 years.

The digital workplace of the future requires the intelligent provision of information and the automation of tasks and processes. To realize this goal, we have adapted our workplace model so that the FireStart platform is now an integral part of our digital workplace architecture. This provides our customers with a strong foundation for Business Process Management (BPM) in the workplaces of the future. With FireStart we can now provide the right tools for everything from modeling to fully automated process implementation. This enables HATAHET to offer BPM for the digital workplace of the future, integrated with bots and optimized by artificial intelligence, especially machine learning.

Nahed Hatahet, Transformations Expert and CEO of HATAHET, member of the Board of VÖSI and member of the KMU Platform

HATAHET productivity solutions GmbH

Vienna, Austria

Digital workplace with artificial intelligence and bots


Strategic consulting
  • Digital workplace models & the future of work
  • Increasing productivity
  • Establishing sustainable cultural change
  • Digital workplace, intranet & portals
  • User self-service & automation
  • Professional assessment & analysis
  • Product evaluation
  • Optimal platform
  • Integration of reliable tools


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