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Agile Business Process (ABP Consultancy) is a Business Process Management company specialized in developing “fit for purpose” automation solutions. With years of hands-on experience managing complex digital projects, ABP Consultancy has built and grown a dynamic and motivated team with comprehensive knowledge to provide an extensive set of services that cover all critical methodologies and process management technologies.

Clients, partners and analysts recognize ABP Consultancy as one of the top players in the Business Process Management (BPM) and Robotics (RPA) markets. Over the years, the ABP Consultancy team has developed outstanding skills and competencies, allowing them to provide a holistic approach to digital transformation projects.


The Partner Fit

The FireStart Business Process Management Suite is a user-friendly business automation tool that enables ABP Consultancy to deliver successful business transformations. The unique combination of process and workflow management has proven itself in numerous companies by highly improving daily business activities.

Both FireStart and ABP Consultancy offer solutions that automate business processes, improve efficiency, reduce cost and minimize risks. ABP Consultancy has profound experience in delivering tailored and bespoke intelligent automation solutions, and joining powers with FireStart will maximize the results we bring to our clients.

The Benefits


ABP Consultancy, as a provider of consulting, implementation and support services; and FireStart as an end-to-end process management platform  – serves as a very strong strategic fit. The advantages of this partnership will be translated into various benefits for end customers, such as accelerated transformation journey and faster return on investment. We are looking forward to jointly deliver innovative automation solutions to our clients!

FireStart’s vision aligns with our objective to provide world-class low-code business automation solutions for our clients and hence the partnership. In our commitment to offer technology solutions that best suit our customers we discovered FireStart as a tool that offers improved process planning and automation. We are delighted to partner with the FireStart team.

Jorge Soares - CEO of ABP Consultancy

Foundry Building, 2 Smiths Square, 77 Fulham Palace Road, W6 8AF, London, UK

+44 (0) 20 80 51 24 78