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AKOA – Another Kind of Automation, is company that focuses on business process automation through technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), virtual assistants and chatbots. The Stockholm-based company has been established in 2016 but has already proven to be a thought leader in the area of Process Automation.  

The competence of AKOA covers all the different stages of a company’s automation journey. Their service portfolio includes Automation Consulting, Implementation as well as the AKOA Automation Cloud – a Managed Service offering which allows more efficiency and flexibility. The overall goal of AKOA is to deliver scalable, end-to-end automation by combining RPA and Intelligent BPM (iBPM). 


The Partner Fit

AKOA and FireStart perfectly fit together not only because both companies have the same goal to provide the end-users with maximum value via easy-to-use solutions, but also because iBPM and RPA seamlessly complement each other. 

The iBPM Suite of FireStart allows the documentation of processes and the management of workflows and, hence, sets the base for further automations. Diverse automation tools and robots can be also easily integrated within the FireStart iBPMS. Especially the possibility to connect FireStart with RPA Tools makes the fit between both companies so strong. The bots provided by AKOA can be seamlessly integrated within FireStart processes which facilitates the execution of even more complex workflows.  

The Benefits


The benefits that evolve from the partnership between AKOA and FireStart are numerous and include the execution of complex workflows and the flawless integration of robots within FireStart processes.

Besides, this collaboration will result in immense advantages for the end-users such as more transparent automation, easier management, and time savings. Therefore, both parties are fully convinced in the success of this partnership and are looking forward to working on joint automation projects in the future.

AKOA is 100% focused on process automation to bring processes to digital life with the greatest added value. This is where Firestart's iBPM solution helps us. Processes can be easily and transparently represented and directly integrated into the operational workflows. A great basis for any kind of automation.

Andreas Schmelzer - Managing Director of AKOA Austria

Malmskillnadsgatan 32, 111 51, Stockholm, Sweden

+46 (31) 718 16 01